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Brahms: The Boy II Promises More Creepy Doll Action

February 14th, 2020Brahms: The Boy II Promises More Creepy Doll Action

As if 2020 hasn’t been spooky enough with watchful ghosts and underwater sea creatures lurking about, it’s time for horror fans to welcome some creepy doll action back into their lives. Just when you thought it was safe to return to the Heelshire Mansion, BRAHMS: THE BOY II brings back the porcelain peril from 2016’s THE BOY, and with him a new family to terrorize.

This time out, Brahms will make a new friend, as young Jude (Christopher Convery) and his parents, Liza and Sean (Katie Holmes and Owain Yeoman), are the new occupants of what was once Brahms' family home. Of course, it doesn’t take long for things to get scary, as you can see in the film’s trailer.

But Brahms isn’t the only source of fright in BRAHMS: THE BOY II, as little Jude seems to be a bit on the eerie side himself. Between torturing teddy bears and scaring his mother for fun, Jude's behavior tows a thin line between harmless play and warning signs. Clearly, the solution to this problem is to move Jude from the big city to a quiet and quaint residence that harbors a deep, dark secret... right?

Writer Stacey Menear and director William Brent Bell both return for their respective duties on BRAHMS: THE BOY II, as their work on the previous film helped make it a surprise horror hit in the same year that saw films like DON’T BREATHE, THE CONJURING 2 and SPLIT lead the box office for this frightening genre.

Not only does BRAHMS: THE BOY II look absolutely chilling, but there also seems to be some surprises left for the audience to learn about this particular doll and the sinister hold it seems to have on people. Even more impressive, the sequel seems to do a good job of leaving the twists to THE BOY pretty intact. (If you want to first meet or re-introduce yourself to Brahms, you can check out THE BOY through AMC Theatres On Demand.)

BRAHMS: THE BOY II will arrive in theatres to terrify audiences again on February 21. Tickets are on sale now.

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