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Celebrate Global Movie Day at AMC

February 5th, 2020Celebrate Global Movie Day at AMC

With the upcoming Academy Awards® on February 9, all eyes are turned toward Hollywood and the past year's most memorable and impactful movies. In fact, you can see seven of the Best Picture nominees back in theatres this weekend at the AMC Best Picture Showcase.

Though we celebrate movies every day, all year-round, awards season is an especially exciting time for our industry. In the 2020 season, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) is launching Global Movie Day, February 8, for film fans around the world to celebrate their favorite movies and engage with Academy members and filmmakers.

Moving forward, Global Movie Day will be held on the second Saturday of February every year in the heart of Oscar® season, to celebrate the power of movies to reach, connect and inspire people around the world.

To join in the festivity, make this Saturday all about the movies and enjoy the communal experience of going to an AMC theatre to see:

Oscar®-Nominated Films

Some of the year's Best Picture nominees are still playing at your local AMC, and on February 8, you can catch the second half of our Best Picture Showcase, featuring JOJO RABBIT, ONCE UPON A TIME... IN HOLLYWOOD, PARASITE and 1917. Some theatres are also hosting an all-day movie marathon, where you can see seven of the Best Picture nominees back to back. Check your local AMC for options and tickets.

Family Films

Adults and kids alike will love the new DOLITTLE and SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, as both family-friendly adventures aim to bring back iconic characters and introduce them to new generations through fun and funny stories.

Crime Films

Movies filled with excitement and suspense make for the perfect date night. So, plan a fun evening out with the highly anticipated BAD BOYS FOR LIFE and Guy Ritchie's return to the crime genre, THE GENTLEMEN.


Any time is the right time for a horror, and the scares are always better with a crowd. Experience the terrifying reimaginings THE GRUDGE and GRETEL & HANSEL, both of which are sure to haunt your dreams.

Big Action Films

Some films feature action and characters so big, they must be seen on the biggest screen possible: IMAX at AMC. That's the case for BIRDS OF PREY, which will bring back Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn with an all-new girl gang. On the topic of kickass leading ladies, Blake Lively tackles her toughest role to date in THE RHYTHM SECTION, as she plays a woman who becomes an assassin after her family is killed in an intentional plane crash.

After you leave the theatre, participate in the Global Movie Day discussion on social media, using the hashtag #GlobalMovieDay. Post your opinions of the last movie you watched, recommendations, or favorite movie lines or posters — share your love of movies however you want.

As for us, we will be celebrating Global Movie Day all day at an AMC near you. Check your local theatre for showtimes and tickets.