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Celebrate Hanksgiving With A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

November 27th, 2019Celebrate Hanksgiving With A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

This Thanksgiving, families will have the opportunity to revisit America’s favorite neighbor, Mr. Fred Rogers, in director Marielle Heller’s touching drama, A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD. The incomparable Tom Hanks brings to life the iconic television presenter in this story, based on an actual interview that took place. And thinking about Hanks' talents and how he absolutely nails the role of Mr. Rogers in the film made us thankful for the star — which is why we’re proposing a new holiday: Hanksgiving!

We’re not trying to replace the national holiday we traditionally celebrate; however, we would like to honor one of the best actors in living memory and the canon of work that he’s given to the world over the years. And in addition to A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD, we’d like to suggest you round out your Hanksgiving with the following Tom Hanks classics, all of which are available to buy or rent on AMC Theatres On Demand!


One of Tom Hanks’ first big hits, this beloved comedy of a young boy who magically becomes an adult overnight is a good first course for your Hanksgiving feast! A story of growing up way too fast and the laughs that happen along the way, BIG was the movie that put Hanks on the map as a big-time movie star.


Forrest Gump

When you think of Tom Hanks, one of the first movies you probably think of is FORREST GUMP. It’s only natural, as Hanks’ Academy Award®-winning performance as a man who stumbles into history at every turn is not only exceedingly funny, but it’s also tender and beautiful. Warning: You’re probably going to cry during this one, every time.


Apollo 13

On top of being a comedic talent of world renown, Tom Hanks is also a great dramatic actor. So, your Hanksgiving should definitely feature some of the man’s work as a lead in a realm that’s not merely comedy. In that case, the historical drama APOLLO 13 is what we recommend, as director Ron Howard and Hanks team up to tell a story of true courage in the face of one of the greatest space disasters of our time.


Catch Me If You Can

We round out our Hanksgiving menu with CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, one of the handful of collaborations between Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. In the case of this particular title, Hanks has more of a supporting role as Carl Hanratty, an FBI agent chasing Frank Abagnale, Jr. (Leonardo DiCaprio) through a life of lies and larceny. Based on a true story, this dramedy showcases the full spectrum of Tom Hanks’ acting talents, and it impressively pairs him with a co-star and director that help him shine even brighter.


A very happy Thanksgiving, and a most joyous Hanksgiving, goes out to all of you, from all of us at AMC! Don’t forget, you can buy or rent these titles through AMC Theatres On Demand for your own personal enjoyment.

Of course, we’d also like to remind you that A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD is in theatres now. If you’re ready to make your Hanksgiving day complete, you can purchase tickets in advance on our website.

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