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Chris Hemsworth’s Favorite MIB Weapon

May 29th, 2019Chris Hemsworth’s Favorite MIB Weapon

When you are busting the latest alien species, you are going to need top-of-the-line tech. It was actually a running joke of the initial MEN IN BLACK movies, where Will Smith was handed quite possibly the smallest gun in the galaxy, even though it packed plenty of firepower.

Size won’t be an issue in the upcoming MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONAL, which just put its tickets on sale. Star Chris Hemsworth recently told CinemaBlend about his favorite weapon in the high-tech sequel while the outlet was visiting the set. It can be spotted in the latest trailer, which you can see later in this article.

“I have a favorite weapon,” Hemsworth said. “It was a tommy gun-esque thing where I pull the hubcap off the wheel [of a car] and slam it on the [weapon].”

You can see Chris Hemsworth assembling the weapon as he and his new partner, played by Tessa Thompson, are in the heat of battle with an invading alien. The parts of the gun are embedded in the car that Hemsworth and Thompson are piloting. It shows up in this trailer, and it looks really cool.

You might think that Chris Hemsworth knew his way around some souped-up weapons, from his time as an action star. But he told CinemaBlend that he actually was relatively inexperienced in firepower before he landed on F. Gary Gray’s movie set.  

“I don’t think I’ve ever fired a real gun in my life, but I had a lot of, you know, sticks and things that I fought with as guns as a kid,” Hemsworth joked. “[I’d] play in the forest, run around and pretend to be an action hero … I make the sounds myself as well. It saves us some money on post-production, so … I’m pretty popular on the production side of things[laughs].”

In MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONAL, Tessa Thompson plays a woman who encountered the legendary alien hunters when she was a child, and then spent years trying to track down the secret organization. She does, becoming an agent herself, and it earns her an assignment in London with Hemsworth’s all-star MIB agent.

What threat will they be defending the planet from? Details on the sequel are being held close to the vest — or the black suit and tie — but we expect to learn more now that the MEN IN BLACK sequel is almost in theatres. Hemsworth and Thompson bring the franchise back to the big screen on June 14.

Tickets are on sale right now, so make sure that you can see the screening that you want, at your favorite AMC theatre, while they still last!   

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