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Coogan and Winterbottom Reteam for the Sinfully Funny Greed

March 5th, 2020Coogan and Winterbottom Reteam for the Sinfully Funny Greed

Scorsese and De Niro. Spielberg and Hanks. Tarantino and Jackson. Many great filmmakers often collaborate with the same actors to bring their stories to life. Acclaimed English director Michael Winterbottom is no exception, and one of the familiar faces you will see in many of his films is star Steve Coogan.

The pair first partnered on 2002's 24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE, a true-life dramedy that competed for the prestigious Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. Now, they're back with a new satire, GREED, which centers on retail billionaire Sir Richard McCreadie (Coogan) who's celebrating his 60th birthday with a lavish, celebrity-filled party.

Like many of Winterbottom's previous films, GREED takes on weighty subjects — like the global wealth gap, sweatshops and livable wages in the fashion industry — with a lighthearted touch. In THE LOOK OF LOVE, Winterbottom and Coogan tackle the life story of Paul Raymond, the controversial entrepreneur who became Britain's richest man.

But not all of their collaborations are so heavy. In A COCK AND BULL STORY, Coogan plays himself as an arrogant actor, and he reprises the character for THE TRIP series, alongside A COCK AND BULL STORY co-star Rob Brydon.

Whether they're making social commentary or cruising through Europe, the teaming of Winterbottom and Coogan is always enjoyable to watch manifest on screen. GREED is sure to deliver the goods with pitch-black comedy and a great cast that includes Isla Fisher, David Mitchell and Shirley Henderson — another frequent Winterbottom collaborator.

GREED is playing in select AMC theatres now and will expand over the coming weeks. Check your location for showtimes and tickets.

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