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Countdown Is Your Halloween Horror

October 25th, 2019Countdown Is Your Halloween Horror

Looking for a scare on the year’s scariest day? COUNTDOWN, written and directed by Justin Dec, is opening this weekend AMC, just in time for Halloween.

Hollywood usually ensures there’s at least one good, scary option in theatres on Halloween night. Not everyone wants to dress up and entertain, or stay home with a bowl full of candy to hand out to kids. Some ghouls would rather go to the movies for a Halloween night fright, and the best option in theatres for October 31 is COUNTDOWN.

Mixing in a fear of contemporary technology, COUNTDOWN focuses on an app downloaded by a pretty nurse that begins distributing a countdown clock, ticking off the minutes until she is destined to die. Initially, that sounds strange. But as the countdown clock starts to prove itself to be deadly accurate, COUNTDOWN takes on new meaning and dabbles in elaborate new terrors.

Studios used to save their best scares for October; movies like HALLOWEEN (2018), HAPPY DEATH DAY (2017) and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY (2007) packed crowds. But Hollywood eventually realized that they could release exciting horror films any month of the year — IT and its sequel, IT CHAPTER TWO, both released in September and cleaned house at the box office.

But it’s still smart for a movie studio to make sure that they have at least one good, terrifying option in theatres for Halloween night. Granted, you could satisfy your creepy cravings with a screening of Todd Phillips’ JOKER, as that movie shows Joaquin Phoenix slip-sliding into insanity, with disturbing effects.

But for a pure horror thrill ride, your better bet is COUNTDOWN, starring Anne Winters, Elizabeth Lail, Jordan Calloway and Peter Facinelli. Grab your tickets now, and get a good scare on the one night of the year when it’s actively encouraged!

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