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Crawl: A Different Summer Movie Monster

June 26th, 2019Crawl: A Different Summer Movie Monster

It’s been a pretty exciting summer, and as we go into the month of July, it’s about to get a lot more dangerous. We’ve seen GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS wreak havoc on cities and humanity, but now, an older foe is coming to teach some unlucky humans a lesson in director Alexandre Aja’s latest film, CRAWL. And that foe’s name is Mother Nature.

Set during a category 5 hurricane, bearing down hard on the state of Florida, CRAWL shows us the story of Haley Keller (Kaya Scodelario), a young woman who ventures to her childhood home to help her father, Dave (Barry Pepper), evacuate before the worst of the storm hits. Of course, as we see in the trailers to the film, it doesn’t take long for the ultimate threat of CRAWL to rear its head.

Just as JAWS before it gave us a reason to fear great white sharks, CRAWL is going to bring back a creature that’s haunted other nature horror stories before, but is still owed quite a bit of due at the box office: the alligator. And the gators in CRAWL look nastier than any we’ve seen before, as they launch sneak attacks and hunt the characters through the rising flood waters that swamp every frame of this film.

But Haley and Dave are prepared for this threat, or at least, they adapt pretty quickly to the playing field of CRAWL. With an array of weapons and cunning plans, this father-daughter duo is going to put up quite a fight when it all kicks off. And there just might be a reference or two to JAWS in the process, if that bathroom fight scene is any indication.

CRAWL promises big ticket thrills to anyone who heads out to an AMC theatre, as only the big screen can truly capture the threat of an alligator with a taste for blood. And with the action being brought to eager audience members from the director of such films as THE HILLS HAVE EYES and PIRANHA 3D, there’s bound to be a fine balance between killer humor and gory action on the books.

Summer has always been known for excitement and thrills at the movies, and with the monster movie genre still very much alive in CRAWL, it’s not going to be long before audiences get to sink their teeth into this tale of human and beast squaring off in the fight of their lives. The film opens on July 12 — buy tickets to see it at your local AMC theatre today.

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