Doctor Sleep: 4 Characters From the Book You’ll Meet in the Movie

October 17th, 2019Doctor Sleep: 4 Characters From the Book You’ll Meet in the Movie

It has been established that Mike Flanagan’s DOCTOR SLEEP is a long-gestating sequel to THE SHINING. But that doesn’t mean you will see Jack Nicholson or Shelley Duvall roaming the halls of the Overlook Hotel again.

Instead, DOCTOR SLEEP — adapted from the best-selling Stephen King book — is set decades after the events of THE SHINING, catching up with an older Danny Torrance as he wrestles with the gift/curse that is his psychic powers. Danny’s abilities put him in the path of some interesting characters, who you might want to know about before heading into DOCTOR SLEEP in November. Tickets for the horror movie are available as of today, so grab them right now so you are ready for opening weekend!

Here are the standouts from Stephen King’s book who we can tell you are in Mike Flanagan’s feature-length movie.

Rose the Hat

Rebecca Ferguson (MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT) plays the main threat in the new movie. Rose the Hat leads a group of traveling vampires known as The True Knot. Her vagabond crew consists of dangerous players such as Snakebite Andi (Emily Alyn Lind) and Crow Daddy (Zahn McClarnon). And they feed off a power they call “steam,” but what we know as The Shine. They are low on the powerful supply, and they think they know where to get a large dose of it. That leads us to our next character.


Much like Danny Torrance in THE SHINING, Abra (Kyliegh Curran) is blessed (cursed?) with the power of The Shine. She can predict things long before they happen. She can move objects and read minds. She can communicate with people without talking, even when they are miles away. And that ability puts her in contact with both Danny Torrance and The True Knot. Who can get to her first? And what will happen to her when they find her?

Dr. John

Mike Flanagan has experience directing Stephen King adaptations, having helmed a feature-length version of GERALD’S GAME with Bruce Greenwood. The actor returns to the King fold with a very important character in the DOCTOR SLEEP narrative. Dr. John is a recovering alcoholic who befriends Danny, but also a family friend who knows Abra and learns of her power. Dr. John becomes a character who both Danny and Abra are able to turn to and trust when things get very weird. And believe us, in DOCTOR SLEEP, the story is going to get incredibly strange before all is said and done.

Older Danny Torrance

Ewan McGregor will be playing an older version of Danny Torrance, and we catch up with him years after the events of THE SHINING. Stephen King says that he wrote this story because he was always curious what happened to this character after surviving the events of THE SHINING. And as he thought about him, he realized that — much like King himself — the character succumbed to alcoholism.

With Danny, McGregor will wallow in the pain and suffering that comes with addiction. But he’ll also seek redemption in the mission to save Abra and possibly teach her how to master her ability to Shine. Danny knows the danger that lingers around every corner for Abra, though the haunted man may have to return to a difficult moment in his past to bring closure to this journey.

DOCTOR SLEEP creeps into theatres on November 8. Tickets currently are on sale, so make sure that you are all set for opening night.

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