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Everything We Know About A Quiet Place Part II

March 12th, 2020Everything We Know About A Quiet Place Part II

In case you hadn’t heard, Hollywood is currently in the midst of a special renascence when it comes to the horror genre, and few films exist as pure proof of that trend quite like A QUIET PLACE. The original movie came out of nowhere in early 2018 and went on to become an absolutely massive box office hit. Unfurling its story on the big screen got fans worldwide to fall in love with its terrifying storytelling. Now, about two years later, we are ready for round two.

There is a fair amount to know about the sequel and hopefully not too much time left before it arrives in theatres. Fortunately, we have you covered with this breakdown of everything we know about the highly anticipated scary feature.

A Quiet Place Part II Release Date

A Quiet Place: Part II

A QUIET PLACE PART II is set to release on September 4.

A Quiet Place Part II Trailer

Being one of the most anticipated films of 2020, A QUIET PLACE PART II kicked off the year right by launching its trailer on January 2. In addition to catching us up with the main characters from the end of the last movie (more on that in a second), it also shows us a bit more of the world everything takes place in — namely by providing us a glimpse of what it was like when the audio-sensitive aliens first started attacking Earth.

A Quiet Place Part II Story

A Quiet Place: Part II Returning Stars

The first A QUIET PLACE followed the Abbott family as they tried to survive by keeping as silent as possible at all times in order to avoid attack from the monsters that are constantly roaming around the forest in which they live. In A QUIET PLACE PART II, the central clan is smaller than it was at its largest size — even with a new baby in tow — and the world is as dangerous as ever, but things are a bit different.

Unlike before, now they actually know how to kill the aliens, and they will leave their home and sanded path for the first time in years. They will meet other survivors, as well as new threats, along their journey to survive and save what’s left of humanity. But what's particularly exciting about the sequel is that, according to writer/director John Krasinski, we will get answers to our looming questions, like, "How did this happen in the first place?" Hear more in the interview below.

A Quiet Place Part II Director

A Quiet Place Director

Actor John Krasinski didn’t make his directorial debut with A QUIET PLACE, having directed two features before that in his career, but it’s certainly the biggest box office smash he’s made thus far, and so it’s hardly surprising to learn that he is back at the helm of the sequel. A notable difference this time around is that he wrote the screenplay for A QUIET PLACE PART II himself, having collaborated with writers Bryan Woods and Scott Beck on the first chapter.

A Quiet Place Part II Returning Stars

At this point, you obviously know John Krasinski is coming back, but not in present day, as his character, Lee Abbott, notably sacrificed himself in the last story to save the lives of his children. Speaking of, both Noah Jupe and Millicent Simmonds will be back to reprise their roles as Marcus and Regan. Once again taking care of them will be Emily Blunt's Evelyn Abbott, who has made a full recovery from her pregnancy in the last movie, but still has a baby to look out for and keep noiseless during all hours of the day. (And every parent out there knows that’s totally doable, right?)

A Quiet Place Part II New Franchise Stars

A Quiet Place: Part II

Given the scale and aesthetic of the storytelling in A QUIET PLACE, there was never an assumption that the sequel would create an AVENGERS-level cast filled with new faces. But the production team did actually add two notable names to the ensemble, and we’re tremendously excited to see what they will bring to the table. Though we don’t know precisely how they will fit into the story, both Cillian Murphy and Djimon Hounsou have key roles to play in A QUIET PLACE PART II, seemingly working with the Abbott family to try and survive.

See them all in action when A QUIET PLACE PART II opens at AMC on September 4.

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