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Feast Your Eyes On Our AMC Dine-In Plant-Based Menu

January 20th, 2023Feast Your Eyes On Our AMC Dine-In Plant-Based Menu

Sometimes popcorn and candy are just not quite enough to satisfy whatever cravings you may have while checking out the latest cinematic releases, and we at AMC Theatres hear you loud and clear. That is why the chefs at our AMC Dine-In locations have curated a menu of high-quality, hand-crafted entrees to make your moviegoing experience truly one-of-a-kind. This distinction is especially applicable to our new menu of plant-based meals that have been created in partnership with Dr. Praeger’s.

Anyone familiar with the award-winning food company should know that these are no ordinary plant-based meals that we are talking about here, such as your typical salad or a fruit smorgasbord, if you will. What Dr. Praeger’s and AMC Dine-In Theatres are offering are the kind of foods that meat lovers will certainly enjoy, but without any real meat and with products that never let moviegoers sense the difference. Take a look at this sneak peek at our new, delicious, plant-based menu items, but be warned: reading this on an empty stomach is sure to result in an intense craving for these foods.

Dr. Praeger’s Plant-Based Gourmet Tenders

No matter where you are enjoying your meal, or what time of the day it is, or even whatever age you are, chicken tenders rarely fail to satisfy and even work great as either an appetizer or a full meal. However, if you feel that you’ve had your fair share of chicken tenders, just wait until you try our new Dr. Praeger’s Plant-Based Gourmet Tenders at an AMC Dine-In location. While these tenders do not use any actual chicken, there is plenty of authentic, plant-based protein included for a meal as satisfying as any other.

Lean, juicy and uncannily matching the taste and texture of real chicken, these plant-based treats bring new meaning to the phrase “tastes like chicken.” Select to have your Gourmet Tenders traditionally with no sauce, or ask to have them tossed in your choice of our Korean spicy & savory Gochujang, sweet BBQ, Mango Habanero or slightly spicy Buffalo sauce for an extra satisfying zing.

Dr. Praeger’s Plant-Based Chimichurri Chick’n Sandwich

The only thing that could make an old favorite like the grilled chicken sandwich even better is by replacing the chicken with something that tastes the same – if not better – and is also a healthier option for you. That is just what you will get by ordering Dr. Praeger’s Plant-Based Chimichurri Chick’n Sandwich at your AMC Dine-In Theatre.

What makes this meal a particularly special treat – in addition to its plant-based roots, of course – is the delicious, unique ingredients accompanying the grilled chicken in between a brioche bun. The sandwich is topped with slices of creamy avocado, a layer of iceberg lettuce, with real pepper jack cheese melted onto the chicken while on the grill and – most importantly – a spread of Chimichurri mayo, which is made from a delectable mixture of chopped parsley, minced garlic, olive oil, and oregano. Enjoy it with the side of fries that comes included with your order.

Dr. Praeger’s Plant-Based Patty Melt

Some of the most avid burger lovers may agree that a unique and tasty option is the traditional patty melt. Yet, as you could probably guess by now, the only thing that is in any way “traditional” about Dr. Praeger’s Plant-Based Patty Melt at our AMC Dine-In Theatres is its mouthwateringly familiar taste, despite having no actual meat included.

The secret to this authentic, wonderfully flavorsome concoction is the use of real cheese – three different kinds to be exact, including Boursin, Cheddar, and Pepperjack – melted right on to the patty from the grill, much like how the cheese on Dr. Praeger's Plant-Based Chimichurri Chick’n Sandwich is applied. The meat-free meat patty is served between two whopping slices of Texas toast and topped with black pepper mayo and caramelized onions for a nice extra dash of sharpness and sweetness unlike any other. It also comes with a side of fries!

For anyone who ever might have assumed that a movie theatre is not the place to go for a delicious, fulfilling and passionately prepared meal, we are convinced that a visit to an AMC Dine-In Theatre is a perfect way to, hopefully, see about changing their minds. And, for those who don’t quite believe that a meat patty or a helping of chicken that is, indeed, entirely meatless can still taste like the real thing, we also believe that trying some of the specialties from Dr. Praeger’s will make plant-based foods their new favorite.

See for yourself by tasting our new plant-based menu items and you just might find a reason to take a trip to the theatre that has to do with more than the movie.

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