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Fresh Big Screen Bring-Backs

August 31st, 2023Fresh Big Screen Bring-Backs

There are a lot of highly anticipated new releases coming to AMC Theatres over the course of the next few weeks and months, but moviegoers will also get a chance to see the return of major releases this fall. In honor of Rotten Tomatoes’ 25th anniversary, AMC Theatres is hosting some fresh big screen bring-backs from the late ‘90s all the way to the current decade.

So, if you missed movies like TOP GUN: MAVERICK, THE DARK KNIGHT, or THE MATRIX during their respective theatrical runs, now’s your golden opportunity to rectify that. Even if you saw these films back in the day, this special return, with its $5 Fan Fave pricing, is more than reason enough to go back and watch them all over again. Please note, these special engagements are limited to one-week runs at select AMC Theatres locations, so make sure to check your local listings…

Top Gun: Maverick

A little more than a year since TOP GUN: MAVERICK flew in and brought millions of fans back to the movies, Joseph Kosinski’s adrenaline rush of an action drama is returning to the big screen for at least one more flight. Set more than 30 years after U.S. Navy Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise) graduated from the Top Gun program, the movie follows the renegade pilot as he trains a new class of fighters before they embark upon a seemingly impossible mission.

With some of the most impressive stunts in recent memory, a tremendously emotional story dealing with grief, loss, and redemption, this is a movie you definitely want to see on the biggest screen possible.

TOP GUN: MAVERICK returns September 8th

Star Trek

In May 2009, J.J. Abrams breathed new life into “Space, the final frontier,” with the massively entertaining and eye-catching STAR TREK. This origin story of Captain James T. Kirk (Chris Pine), the Enterprise crew, and the iconic ship itself follows the ragtag group of Starfleet cadets as they set off to take on Captain Nero (Eric Bana), a time-traveling Romulan with an intricate and destructive plan for revenge.

Whether you’re a Trekkie or just a fan of massive sci-fi action-adventure stories, STAR TREK is going to be a fun movie to revisit when it returns to AMC Theatres in September.

STAR TREK returns September 8th

The Lego Movie

Have you heard the news? THE LEGO MOVIE is coming back to theatres, and everything is awesome. The massively popular 2014 animated movie is another fan favorite returning to AMC Theatres as part of the Rotten Tomatoes 25th anniversary celebration. Directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, this absurdly funny, clever, and impactful animated movie follows a seemingly normal minifig named Emmet Brickowski (Chris Pratt) as he becomes the Lego world’s best shot at defeating the evil Lord Business (Will Ferrell) from unleashing the Kragle.

This will be especially fun for those moviegoers whose children were either not around or not old enough to watch THE LEGO MOVIE during its initial run nearly a decade ago.

THE LEGO MOVIE returns September 15th

The Dark Knight

One of the biggest superhero movies of all time, as well as a top-tier Christopher Nolan film, THE DARK KNIGHT will be returning to theatres 15 years after it first gave the world an incredible epic that goes beyond the comic book genre. Already established in Gotham City, Batman (Christian Bale) faces his toughest fight yet when the anarchic Joker (Heath Ledger) does everything he can to break the Caped Crusader.

With iconic sequences like the opening bank heist, Batman and the Joker’s showdown on the streets of Gotham, and countless others, there are plenty of reasons to return and watch THE DARK KNIGHT all over again.

 THE DARK KNIGHT returns September 15th

Get Out

Jordan Peele made a name for himself as one of the biggest up-and-coming horror minds with the release of his riveting 2017 psychological thriller, GET OUT. In the movie, Daniel Kaluuya plays Chris Washington, a young photographer who is invited to spend the weekend at his girlfriend’s (Allison Williams) parents’ home, only to uncover a shocking and terrifying secret about their seemingly normal family.

There’s horror, there’s social commentary, and there’s brilliant comedy throughout this highly entertaining movie, one that earned Peele an Academy Award® for his brilliant and well-written original screenplay.

 GET OUT returns September 22nd

The Matrix

Though hard to believe, it has been nearly 25 years since the Wachowskis introduced audiences around the world to THE MATRIX, a landmark sci-fi action film that further made a case for Keanu Reeves being one of the biggest movie stars of our time. Blending unprecedented visual effects, various forms of martial arts, and a story posing all kinds of philosophical questions, this 1999 action flick revolutionized an entire industry upon its release.

If you haven’t gone back and watch as Neo (Reeves), Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne), and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) team up to defeat Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) in the digital playground that is the Matrix, as well as the machines in the real world, now is your golden opportunity.

THE MATRIX returns September 22nd

Each of these movies should give you plenty of reason to visit your local AMC Theatres location to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Rotten Tomatoes, especially with the $5 Fan Fav pricing. Just remember, these movies are available for a limited time at select theatres.