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Friendship Turns Deadly in Brahms: The Boy II

February 21st, 2020Friendship Turns Deadly in Brahms: The Boy II

Making friends is one of life’s many joys, but there’s also a good dose of caution that should be exercised when deciding who to pal around with. The right friends can put you on the path to a better future, while the wrong ones can prove to be pretty disastrous. Or, if you’re friends with a mysterious porcelain doll like Brahms, the star of BRAHMS: THE BOY II, it could prove downright deadly.

Young Jude (Christopher Convery) is about to learn this lesson himself, as he’s discovered this evil friend from THE BOY in his new home, the infamous Heelshire Mansion. Sure, things are kind of cute in the beginning, with Jude and Brahms dressing alike, and the pair abiding by a set of rules that seem to favor Brahms more than Jude.

But as time goes on, those rules become somewhat more restricting, especially when they start to apply to Jude’s parents, Liza (Katie Holmes) and Sean (Owain Yeoman), and the rest of the outside world. Not to mention, there’s an increasing sense of dread that seems to be creeping up around what should be a fun and happy friendship.

BRAHMS: THE BOY II feels like one of those sequels that takes what worked about the first film and draws it in greater detail. With the larger backstory of Brahms being teased out in the latest look at the film — appropriately released to the world on National Make a Friend Day — it appears THE BOY was merely the beginning of a much more sinister saga.

Which means that if you’re looking for a movie to take your friends out to see, BRAHMS: THE BOY II is a fantastic choice! Horror movies have always been perfect for outings with loved ones, as you can share in the scares and hold onto each other during the more frightening scenes.

BRAHMS: THE BOY II wants to be your friend, too. Get your tickets today.

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