Get Up to Speed on Ford v Ferrari

January 13th, 2020Get Up to Speed on Ford v Ferrari

Catch up with the director and stars of FORD V FERRARI before you screen the film at the AMC Best Picture Showcase. Check out a few of our exclusive interviews and stories below.

Making History

AMC sat down with FORD V FERRARI director James Mangold to discuss the film’s complex driving sequences, cars as characters and more. Find out how many tracks they used to shoot and why Mangold called the coordination process a "nightmare."

Can Ford v Ferrari Cross the Oscars® Finish Line?

In any other year, FORD V FERRARI would be the leading candidate for the Oscars in almost every major category. But this year is going to be crazy competitive at the Academy Awards®, especially in the Best Picture race. Here are the areas where we think the film has a good shot to make some noise.

James Mangold Shares What Movies and Racing Have in Common

While the characters in FORD V FERRARI are racing against the clock to design the perfect car, to elevate Ford and defeat Ferrari, director James Mangold said that he saw a lot of similarities between the automotive industry and the film industry. "When you make an original film, you feel like you have an incredible opportunity and also the burden of you need to succeed if other movies like this are going to get made," he said. Read more from our one-on-one interview.

Transport Into the Past

At the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival, FORD V FERRARI stars Josh Lucas, Jon Bernthal and more shared with us their experiences of filming the true story and portraying real-life characters.

Christian Bale Transforms Himself for Another Oscar® Nomination

Christian Bale is a chameleon. The actor has morphed into multiple unexpected parts for different movies over the years, and these challenges have led to extraordinary movies. Check out a few of his top transformations and performances ahead of FORD V FERRARI.

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