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Honey Boy Follows Two Leads Over Two Threads of Time

November 27th, 2019Honey Boy Follows Two Leads Over Two Threads of Time

Two of today's rising stars play the same character at different ages in HONEY BOY, a new drama with real-life roots written by Shia LaBeouf. Otis, a fictionalized version of LaBeouf, is portrayed by Noah Jupe and Lucas Hedges as he grows up in the spotlight and under an overbearing father. LaBeouf also co-stars in the film as James, a fictionalized version of his dad — so, yes, there are a lot of layers to the story and cast dynamic that are made more impactful when you see HONEY BOY in theatres.

Before you head over to our website for tickets, learn more about stars Jupe and Hedges and the evolution of their character over the course of a decade.

Noah Jupe

[Credit: Amazon Studios]

Noah Jupe made his big screen debut in 2017’s THE MAN WITH THE IRON HEART, starring Jason Clarke, Rosamund Pike and Jack O’Connell. He appeared in three more films that year, including the Oscar®-nominated WONDER, and in 2018, he landed his biggest role in John Krasinski's A QUIET PLACE. Because the horror was almost entirely, well, quiet, Jupe needed to emote only through facial expressions and body language, which seemed effortless to the young star.

In HONEY BOY, Jupe takes on another difficult role as 12-year-old Otis, an up-and-coming actor who spends his days on set and his evenings in a rundown motel where he lives with his abusive father, James (LaBeouf). He's exposed to chaos no child should experience. His father attacks him both verbally and physically and introduces him to cigarettes and marijuana. His mother is essentially absent from his life. He has no stability.

The majority of HONEY BOY takes place during these early years — the story falls heavily on Jupe's shoulders, and he carries the weight like a pro. Kids who experience trauma like Otis develop coping methods to survive, and Jupe plays the character with his defenses up, but underneath he's still just a child who wants, and needs, to be loved. His scenes with LaBeouf are the most poignant.

Lucas Hedges

[Credit: Amazon Studios]

Lucas Hedges appeared in Oscar-winning films MANCHESTER BY THE SEA, LADY BIRD, and THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING, MISSOURI, before he went on to star in the acclaimed BOY ERASED and BEN IS BACK. Each of these dramas tackles heavy topics, from depression, to addiction, to suicide. And Hedges approached each role with sincerity and tenderness.

HONEY BOY challenges him to play 22-year-old Otis with his heart, pain and anger on his sleeve. After he’s arrested and sent to a recovery program, Otis must face the source of his alcoholism. He’s diagnosed with PTSD as a result of his traumatic childhood, and coming face to face with this reality, sober, brings to the surface a lot of powerful, conflicting emotions. Hedges embraces them all in an explosive performance, one that will make you feel both concerned and hopeful for Otis to heal. The final scene of HONEY BOY especially benefits from Hedges' range and skill in knowing when to play a part big and when to pull back.

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