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Honey Boy: How Shia LaBeouf Turned Recovery Into Art

November 21st, 2019Honey Boy: How Shia LaBeouf Turned Recovery Into Art

Writing your life story isn’t something that’s particularly easy, especially if you’re trying to tell the truth. Actor Shia LaBeouf has gone through a history of personal struggles in the spotlight, and it eventually inspired him to write the script to HONEY BOY, a movie that's somewhat autobiographical.

When LaBeouf was in rehab for alcoholism, a portion of his recovery saw him writing the story of a young actor’s rise to superstardom and the profound effect it would have on his life. Mirroring his own experiences through the character of Otis (played by Noah Jupe and Lucas Hedges at different ages), HONEY BOY sees the child star struggle with both his career and relationship to his father, James, played by LaBeouf himself.

But for as much work as LaBeouf put into writing HONEY BOY, he initially wasn’t sure making the script into a film was a good idea. It wasn’t until he forwarded the script to creative collaborator and HONEY BOY director Alma Har’el that the idea gathered steam, as her enthusiasm to make the film her narrative feature debut pulled the project together.

There’s another good side to Shia LaBeouf making HONEY BOY into a story he can share with the world, as while he was writing the film, it inspired him to talk to his father for the first time in years. He even worked that very event into his film’s ending, adding to the catharsis.

With a frank honesty, Shia LaBeouf has tackled a difficult time in his life in the production of HONEY BOY, a film that takes its title from a childhood nickname his father gave him. That finishing touch just proves that in the process of sharing his life story, LaBeouf isn’t trying to vilify anyone, merely tell his side of the story. The result is a film that looks that it’ll break audiences hearts, but ultimately allow them to put the pieces back together through the course of this powerful drama.

The world of independent film has been good to LaBeouf as of late, especially with THE PEANUT BUTTER FALCON earning him some rave reviews. But if there’s any movie that truly bears his stamp in 2019, it is without a question HONEY BOY.

HONEY BOY is part of the AMC Artisan Films series and is currently showing in select theatres. It may expand to a theatre near you over the holiday season, so check our website for showtimes before heading out.

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