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Horror And Possession Await In Talk To Me

July 14th, 2023Horror And Possession Await In Talk To Me

TALK TO ME opens July 28th

Horror. It’s a genre that many movie fans are familiar with, as it’s been around since basically the beginning of the industry. There have been many beloved franchises over the decades, such as HALLOWEEN and FRIDAY THE 13TH, and directors who have come to prominence because of their involvement in horror, such as John Carpenter and Ridley Scott. But, one studio in particular has more and more of a force in horror, and that’s A24.

The studio has produced some of the biggest horror hits of the last several years, such as MIDSOMMAR, HEREDITARY (both of which were directed by Ari Aster), X, PEARL, BODIES BODIES BODIES and more. Now, the studio is returning to the big screen once again with TALK TO ME, the latest entry in AMC’s Thrills and Chills. Here are a few things that we know about the movie, and when you can see it in your local AMC Theatre.

A Possession Horror

In TALK TO ME, the premise is very simple, as a group of teenagers discover a way to conjure spirits, using an embalmed hand. However, even though they have fun at first, one session goes too far and a terrifying supernatural force is unleashed that turns their worlds upside down.

The possession horror movie is something that is not new to audiences. There have been many before that have really become hits, such as THE EXORCIST, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE, THE CONJURING and more. A24 has had a good track record when it comes to their horror films, so fans should definitely give this one a shot. Just looking at that creepy embalmed hand is certainly going to give horror lovers a thrill.

Sophie Wilde And Joe Bird Star

TALK TO ME certainly has two stars who are perfect to take audiences through the scares of this film, and we’ll see Sophie Wilde and Joe Bird play the lead characters.

Wilde has already had a great career prior to her starring role in the upcoming fright fest. She appeared in the television series “Eden,” as well as the BBC show “You Don’t Know Me” and “Tom Jones.” In terms of movies, she starred in the THE PORTABLE DOOR, a fantasy adventure comedy that was released in Australia.

Bird, on the other hand, has appeared in the film RABBIT, and also had a role in the 2022 miniseries, “First Day,” where he portrayed Kevin.

Brothers Danny And Michael Philippou Direct

Duos directing films is something that has become more common in Hollywood, with siblings, especially, seeming to join forces and get crowd pleasing results, like the Russo Brothers with their movies like AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR and the Coen Brothers and their many great films going back decades. Now, a new pair of sibling directors are in town, and they are Danny and Michael Philippou.

The brothers were mainly known, originally, for their YouTube channel, RackaRacka, where they gained notoriety for their live-action horror comedy videos. However, they decided to bring their talent to the big screen with their debut film with TALK TO ME, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier in 2023, according to Deadline.

Watch The Trailer

If you are at all interested in this new horror film, be sure to check out the most recent trailer. It was released in June 2023, and features several of the main characters getting together to “connect with the dead” when they find the embalmed hand. Throughout the clip, there are many great teases of the thrills to come, including how serious things get for our protagonists.

As you can see, this is certainly for fans of horror, and because there’s no doubt that A24 is on a roll with its scary movies, anyone who loves the genre should be eager to check out TALK TO ME. It looks to be about as creepy as a movie about possession can get! We can all see the full extent of the thrills and chills to come when it opens soon in AMC Theatres.

TALK TO ME opens July 28th

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