Horror Fans Won't Say Nope To This

May 5th, 2022Horror Fans Won't Say Nope To This

Universal Studios has made a commitment to horror over the years, bringing franchises like HALLOWEEN and filmmakers such as Jordan Peele to the multiplex to satisfy cravings of audience members seeking thrills and chills. So when the studio presented at CinemaCon 2022 in Las Vegas, we were confident they’d have some serious scares in store, and Universal did not disappoint.

When a studio has complete confidence in an upcoming film, they will bring it to CinemaCon and screen it in its entirety. This year, Universal brought Scott Derrickson’s thriller THE BLACK PHONE for audiences to screen. The movie stars Ethan Hawke as a kidnapper who places his latest victim in an empty room save for a black phone that is disconnected… but then starts ringing. Reaction to THE BLACK PHONE was extremely positive, setting up an anticipated June arrival.

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But that wasn’t all that Universal brought. Here’s what else horror fans can look forward to.

Jordan Peele Warns Us Not To Look Up

Thanks to GET OUT and US, Jordan Peele has established himself as a name to watch in the horror genre. And not just horror, but original content that doesn’t rely on recognizable brands and IPs. “I’ve always been attracted to the prospect of ‘My favorite movie I’ve never seen before,’” Peele told CinemaCon on why he’s fascinated with original stories.

And NOPE looks very original. Peele shot NOPE in 65mm and IMAX, which he claims allowed his cameras to capture incredible images. The details of the plot were kept close to the vest – potentially involving extraterrestrials and UFOs in the skies – Peele said that his goal with this movie is to bring in the audience member who doesn’t like horror movies. He actually claimed that he will celebrate the number of times people say, “Nope” in the theatres during screenings of his new film.

NOPE looks as funny as it does terrifying. It stars Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, and Steven Yeun.

Remind Me NOPE opens in theaters July 22nd

Get Ready For Halloween To End

While Jordan Peele is creating original horror, audiences still love classic franchises in the genre, and few have lasted as long as HALLOWEEN. The series has found new life recently thanks to David Gordon Green. And teamed with Jamie Lee Curtis, they will be bringing the franchise to a close with October’s release of HALLOWEEN ENDS. A fitting title for a series capper.

The trailer that was brought to CinemaCon was largely a legacy look, cutting together scenes from the original John Carpenter film that introduced Laurie Strode, then catching up with the two Gordon Green films. But we did get to see some original footage from HALLOWEEN ENDS, featuring a brutal physical fight between Michael and Laurie in a kitchen. Large knives are involved. This one is going to get ugly.

Remind Me HALLOWEEN ENDS opens October 14th

You will be able to see for yourself what happens in THE BLACK PHONE, what’s hiding in the clouds of NOPE, and how HALLOWEEN ENDS when all of these films reach an AMC Theatres near you in 2022.

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