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It Chapter Two Coming to Comic-Con

June 24th, 2019It Chapter Two Coming to Comic-Con

It’s common knowledge now that Andy Muschietti’s IT ends on a cliffhanger, with the promise of more chills and threats from Pennywise the Clown. The children of Derry banded together to bring the evil force to justice. But they agreed to reunite if the clown ever resurfaced — and then the credits called the first movie IT CHAPTER ONE.

IT CHAPTER TWO was inevitable, and it’s on its way to theatres in September. But that’s not all. Stephen King fans, and those who are extremely curious about Muschietti’s sequel, will want to keep their eyes on San Diego during 2019 Comic-Con, because Warner Bros. plans to bring first-look footage at IT CHAPTER TWO to Southern California during that weekend.

San Diego Comic-Con traditionally opens with ScareDiego, a mini-festival sponsored by Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema that shows off footage from upcoming horror efforts. In years past, movies like THE NUN, ANNABELLE and THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA have terrified Comic-Con attendees with presentations.

This year, the stage at ScareDiego will belong to Andy Muschietti and IT CHAPTER TWO, the continuation of the story of the Losers’ Club. In Stephen King’s source novel, the story of the Losers as children and adults is weaved together into one long narrative. Warner Bros. instead chose to break the battle against Pennywise into two separate movies, so we will get to see the grown-up versions of Bill, Beverly, Ben, Richie, Eddie and the rest of the crew.

This means new casting, and it has been revealed that the adult casting for the Losers’ Club will include James McAvoy (playing the leader, Bill); Jessica Chastain (Beverly); Bill Hader (Richie); and James Ransone (Eddie). They’ll return to Derry after decades away when they learn that Pennywise has recuperated and returned.

Some footage from IT CHAPTER TWO already has been revealed in the trailer below:

But expect even more footage to come out of ScareDiego in San Diego during Comic-Con 2019. This year’s festival will be held July 17–21, with ScareDiego happening on the first night.

AMC will be on the ground at SDCC, and we plan to attend ScareDiego to get a first look at IT CHAPTER TWO, so stay tuned for our reactions. As for the movie, it opens in AMC theatres near you on September 6.

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