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Jump Into the Trenches of 1917

January 13th, 2020Jump Into the Trenches of 1917

The war epic will battle for Best Picture as well as nine other categories. Check out a behind-the-scenes video and our stories about 1917 below.

Could Sam Mendes Win Best Director for 1917?

As Sam Mendes won the Golden Globes honor for Best Director, it feels like a good indication as to how the Best Director Oscar® chase may pan out for him. He seems to be the front-runner, though the field is stacked with competition. Let’s take a look at where we are so far with the Best Director race.

The Moment Modern War Begins

Director Sam Mendes and crew take us into the trenches of 1917, a war drama filmed in one continuous shot. They share more about the technique and how it creates an immersive theatre experience.

1917: Is Sam Mendes’ New WWI Movie Based on a True Story?

With a story centered around real-life conflict, 1917 feels like it would be based off of true exploits that the world may not have heard of yet. As it turns out, the film is a total fabrication, though the idea behind the story came from a very real source.

Who Are the Leading Actors in 1917?

The war epic puts the viewer into the action with Lance Corporal Blake (Dean-Charles Chapman) and Lance Corporal Schofield (George MacKay) in a real-time adventure that shows us each and every step they take. And while their names may not sound familiar, you’ve definitely seen the lead actors before. Learn more about the stars of 1917.

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