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Kanye West, Jesus and IMAX: Yes, They're All Connected

October 21st, 2019Kanye West, Jesus and IMAX: Yes, They're All Connected

In 2003, rapper Kanye West commanded attention with his debut single, "Through the Wire," which West wrote and recorded with his jaw wired shut after a near-fatal car accident. West has never been shy to speak his mind, and his career has thrived because of or despite this.

Over the years, West has experimented with a variety of genres and even created his own clothing line. But now, West is on a new path — one of redemption.

On October 25, West will release his ninth studio album, "Jesus Is King," and an IMAX movie of the same name. West revealed at the Kanye West Experience at George Washington University that he is a born-again Christian; he's been hosting Sunday Service events around the country this year.

The IMAX movie JESUS IS KING was filmed during one of his sermons at the Roden Crater, a never-before-seen installation by artist James Turrell in Arizona’s Painted Desert. Fans will get to experience songs arranged by West in the gospel tradition along with new music from his forthcoming album — all presented in the immersive sound and stunning clarity of IMAX at AMC.

West has been surprisingly quiet in the press and on social media about his endeavors, a new approach for the prolific star. We could very well be seeing his rebirth, and that's worth witnessing on the big screen.

JESUS IS KING will only be in theatres from October 25–31, so get your tickets in IMAX at AMC today.

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