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April 19th, 2021MORTAL KOMBAT is an IMAX Must-See

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Prepare to enter MORTAL KOMBAT with Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Sonya Blade and the other iconic fighters in the immersive IMAX experience. From 16-bit video game to the largest theatre screen format, your favorite characters are bigger than life and the action is more intense then you could imagine. We have broken down four reasons why you need to see the movie in IMAX.

The Battle is Bigger

The attention to detail that went into the creation of the worlds and Characters of MORTAL KOMBAT can only be appreciated on the big screen and it doesn’t get any better than the sheer size and depth of IMAX. The Worlds are more expansive, the sound is immersive, and Fatalities are even bloodier in IMAX.

A Detailed Journey

Our heroes travel the globe and to new worlds in MORTAL KOMBAT! From Sonya’s trailer to the vast expanses of Outworld every detail can be seen and heard on our largest screens! No easter egg will go unseen in the giant scope of IMAX!

Epic Scale and Easter Eggs

The IMAX experience transports you to the world of MORTAL KOMBAT like never before! The detail that can be seen on Scorpion’s costume alone will leave fans in awe! The film’s creators took care to bring every element from the game’s attention to detail to life in the film. Every stitch tells a story and will leave fans searching to unlock more secrets! Pay close attention, there could be a few clues to what Kharacters we'll see in the next MORTAL KOMBAT movie!

Powerful and Visceral Sound

To create a fully immersive experience, IMAX at AMC combines crystal-clear, awe-inspiring images with perfectly tuned, dynamic audio. You’ll be able to feel every punch! The sound design and music score really come to life in an IMAX auditorium! You’ll feel the bone crushing agony and hear everything even when fans are screaming for more blood!

No matter how you see MORTAL KOMBAT this weekend, make sure it’s loud and large, but if you’re looking for the Ultimate Mortal Kombat Experience then IMAX is where it’s at! GET OVER to your local AMC and FINISH this action epic with a coke and a popcorn for a FLAWLESS VICTORY!

Get Tickets MORTAL KOMBAT now playing

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