Movies to See This Weekend (That Aren’t ENDGAME)

April 26th, 2019Movies to See This Weekend (That Aren’t ENDGAME)

For Marvel fans, the weekend of April 26 is all about AVENGERS: ENDGAME. But there are plenty of other great films playing this weekend at an AMC near you.

For Marvel fans, the weekend of April 26 is all about AVENGERS: ENDGAME. Understandably so — the movie is the epic conclusion of the entire MCU storyline to date. But if you’re not a die-hard Marvel follower, or you’re waiting to see ENDGAME when the theatres aren’t so packed, there are plenty of other great films playing this weekend. Check out just a few below and get your tickets at an AMC near you.

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The Curse of La Llorona

  • 1 HR 33 MIN R
  • Horror

In the mood for something scary? See producer James Wan’s newest horror film based on Hispanic folklore. La Llorona, or the Weeping Woman, is a grieving spirit, having drowned her own children. Now, she kidnaps and kills the children of the living to ease her loss — and she’s found her next target: a sympathetic social worker (Linda Cardellini) and her two kids.

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  • 2 HR 12 MIN PG13
  • Action

Stick with the superhero theme with DC’s SHAZAM!, the story of 14-year-old Billy Batson (Asher Angel), who’s been given the ability to transform into a superpowered adult (Zachary Levi). As Shazam, Billy has powers every kid would want: He can fly, punch through walls and shoot electricity out of his hands — but he also has an enemy: the villainous Dr. Sivana (Mark Strong).

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  • 1 HR 29 MIN PG
  • Drama

Bring the tissues to this movie, which is based on an incredible true story. Chrissy Metz of “This Is Us” stars as Joyce Smith, the mother of a 14-year-old son who falls through an icy lake and gets trapped underwater for more than 15 minutes. All hope seems lost, but then, a miracle happens. Faith is tested, a community is united and prayers are answered in this uplifting film.

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  • 1 HR 48 MIN PG13
  • Comedy

You’ve never seen a body-swap comedy quite like LITTLE. Marsai Martin stars and served as executive producer, the youngest in history. She plays the 13-year-old version of bossy boss lady Jordan Sanders (Regina Hall), who’s cursed to transform into her teenage self. Her long-suffering assistant, April (Issa Rae), is the only one who knows — and the only one who can help. But will she?

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  • 1 HR 32 MIN PG13
  • Drama

Get ready to laugh out loud. Ethan Hawke and Mark Strong star in this new dark comedy based on an absurd, but true story that shocked the world. During a 1973 bank heist crisis in Sweden, hostages developed a bond with their captors — supposedly, this event is how the term “Stockholm Syndrome” came to be. Noomi Rapace (THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO) co-stars.

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  • 1 HR 24 MIN R
  • Drama

If you think your family is weird, wait until you see the relatives in FAMILY. Kate Stone (Taylor Schilling), a self-absorbed workaholic, is in no shape to be someone’s guardian. But when her estranged brother asks her to watch her awkward and bullied 12-year-old niece, Maddie (newcomer Bryn Vale), Kate has no choice but to say yes. Just when she thinks things couldn’t get worse, Maddie runs away to become a Juggalo. Kate McKinnon co-stars.

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