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Our Scariest Look At Skarsgård

July 31st, 2017Our Scariest Look At Skarsgård

It may feel like it's been 27 years since we last saw a trailer for IT float our way, but now Bill Skarsgård's Pennywise is back, and he's taken a break from eating the likes of Betty Ripsom to consume us in the deadlights once and for all.

The first trailer for Andres Muschietti's adaptation of IT reached 197 million views in just 48 hours, breaking the record for most views online back in March. Understandably then, expectations for the new promo are even higher than the shiniest of Pennywise's balloons, floating up over the town of Derry.

What are you waiting for? Grab a slingshot, make a pact with your friends and face your greatest fears in the third trailer for IT below:

Alex Skarsgård may have thought that his brother looked "cute" dressed up as the Dancing Clown, but the reality is that Bill's new interpretation of Pennywise may be the scariest yet — it certainly terrified the child actors on set, aside from one, that is.

Those who suffer from coulrophobia should brace themselves, as IT isn't the only place we can expect to see Dancing Clown pop up. Both The Mist TV show and The Dark Tower trailer paid homage to Pennywise, and the shared universe connections will undoubtedly continue in the numerous Stephen King adaptations heading our way. And who knows? Fans of Stephen King may even see Pennywise float up again in the streets of Castle Rock too. Mention was made of the Dancing Clown in the Hulu show's first trailer, and now that Bill Skarsgård has joined the cast, who knows what's in store for us?

It won't be long now until It claws its way into cinemas, but until then, re-read Stephen King's magnum opus so that you're ready to spot any Easter Eggs that might drift your way, and make a blood oath with your friends. How else will you be able to overcome your fears long enough to see Pennywise terrorize children and adults alike on September 8?

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