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Pacific Rim 2: Uprising Teaser

July 20th, 2017Pacific Rim 2: Uprising Teaser

PACIFIC RIM claims a rather convoluted accolade: it's the highest-grossing live-action movie based on an original concept from 2013. So it's no surprise that Hollywood and fans alike have clamored to see a sequel that pits man-made Jaegers against alien Kaiju monsters. Now, the first official teaser for PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING has risen, and it wants to recruit you to the Jaeger uprising.

Mostly narrated by Ellen McClain, the voice of the AI in PACIFIC RIM (and, notably, the voice of GLaDOS in Portal) this is an unusual teaser that doesn't show us much about the movie at all – but at least it gives us John Boyega in Power Rangers vs PACIFIC RIM mash-up mode right at the end.

(And are the lines "we did not wait for heroes to fall from the sky and save us" and "innovation is our superpower" a not-so veiled nod to BATMAN V SUPERMAN? The first one strongly echoes one of Lex Luthor's lines.)

For a while, it looked like a PACIFIC RIM sequel wasn't going to happen. Despite the film's dedicated fan base, low domestic earnings and divisive reviews didn't bode well for Guillermo Del Toro's manga-inspired blockbuster. However, unprecedented success overseas ensured that PACIFIC RIM 2 would finally see the light of day. In China alone, the first movie recouped over half of its $190 million budget, with a gross of $112 million.

Sure, Guillermo Del Toro is only on board now as a producer, but fans need not worry about PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING. With DAREDEVIL show runner Steve D. Knight at the helm, we're sure that the upcoming sequel will become the highest grossing live action movie based on an original concept from 2018 when Uprising hits cinemas — even if Charlie Hunnam is no longer involved.

Whether the previous face of the franchise is busy kickstarting a Queer As Folk revival or whether he's just recovering from the critical slaughter that King Arthur: LEGEND OF THE SWORD received, Star Wars alumni John Boyega will undoubtedly bring his A-game as Hunnam's official replacement when UPRISING... well, rises on February 23, 2018. Maybe we'll finally see the apocalypse cancelled once and for all by then.

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