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R-Rated Comedies Coming Soon

June 2nd, 2023R-Rated Comedies Coming Soon

The weather is getting warmer and the beach is calling the names of every summer lover in the country. That’s right, summer 2023 is right around the corner, and everyone is excited for the joy that the warm weather and sunshine brings during this time of year. But, there’s something else that makes summer all that much better, and that’s the movies – specifically, R-Rated comedies that will make any movie fan laugh their popcorn right out of the bucket.

From a group of friends’ journey across the world to discover themselves to the story of a college student who has a strange run-in with Russian mobsters while on a trip, this summer is going to have plenty of R-Rated comedies that movie lovers will easily enjoy at any local AMC Theatre.

The Blackening

A horror movie? Check. A comedy? Check. Hilarious and scary at the same time? Check and check. These are the words that best describe THE BLACKENING, the latest horror comedy, which comes from director Tim Story, who’s known for movies such as BARBERSHOP and RIDE ALONG.

THE BLACKENING is primarily based on a short film by an improv comedy troupe called 3Peat, which tells the story of a group of Black friends who decide to head out for some time at a cabin in the woods. Everything seems to be going fine, until a killer suddenly targets them, and they’re now faced with having to somehow find a way to survive.

The movie stars Dewayne Perkins, Jay Pharoah, Jermaine Fowler, Grace Byers, Singuia Walls, Antoinette Robertson, Yvonne Orji, X Mayo and Melvin Greg.

THE BLACKENING opens June 16th

No Hard Feelings

Starring Academy Award® winner Jennifer Lawrence in the lead role, NO HARD FEELINGS is a coming of age comedy that tells the story of a young woman who lives in Montauk, New York and has to find a way to get a new car after her old one is repossessed, because she is facing bankruptcy.

Desperate to find some help, she notices a Craigslist ad from two parents who want their son to be introduced to a social life, since he doesn’t seem to have any interest in that. Lawrence’s character, Maddie, takes it upon herself to do the job in exchange for a Buick Regal, doing everything in her power to secure a new car under her name.

The movie also stars Andrew Barth Feldman, Matthew Broderick and Laura Benanti, and is directed by Gene Stupnitsky.

NO HARD FEELINGS opens June 23rd

Joy Ride

Are movie fans ready for the ride of their life? Because JOY RIDE is here to take them on one. The movie is directed by Adele Lim, one of the writers of CRAZY RICH ASIANS and RAYA AND THE LAST DRAGON, and with this R-Rated comedy being her directorial debut.

This hilarious film tells the story of four young women, Audrey, Lolo, Kat and Deadeye, who head out on a journey across all of Asia to head to China in order to find Audrey’s birth mother as she faces an existential crisis about who she really is. And, of course, shenanigans ensue once they are across the world.

JOY RIDE stars Tony Award® nominated Ashley Park, Academy Award® nominee Stepahnie Hsu, Sabrina Wu, and Sherry Cola.

JOY RIDE opens July 7th


Last but not least, there’s BOTTOMS. If your next trip to the theatre calls for a classic teen sex comedy, then this movie is the way to go. Produced by Elizabeth Banks and directed by Emma Seligman, BOTTOMS is the story of two unpopular high school girls who have one goal – to hook up with the cheerleaders. However, this proves a bit difficult, so in order to succeed they set up a fight club as a disguise to lure them in so they can get the opportunities they’re looking for.

The film stars several recognizable young actors, including Rachel Sennott from BODIES BODIES BODIES, Ayo Edibiri from “The Bear,” Marshawn Lynch from “Murderville,” Ruby Cruz of “Willow,” Nicholas Galitzine from CINDERELLA and many more.

 BOTTOMS opens August 25th

With so many great movies coming out, summer 2023 is the time to head to a local AMC Theatre and check these funny comedies out – but keep the kids at home. It’ll be an adults-only night with these R-Rated movies.

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