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Ready or Not Is the Horror-Comedy This Summer Needs

August 9th, 2019Ready or Not Is the Horror-Comedy This Summer Needs

Horror films can be quite serious, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Being truly afraid for our lives, in a dark theatre with hot popcorn, is a treat that allows us to be grateful for the everyday routine. But sometimes, the horror genre gets to kick back and get lethal with a smile on its face, and Fox Searchlight’s READY OR NOT looks like it’s just that type of movie — which is perfect, because it’s exactly what this summer needs.

In this horror-comedy, it’s all about fun and games, as Grace (Samara Weaving) is getting ready to be married into the Le Domas family of board game tycoons. Of course, seeing as this is a horror movie, there’s one catch: She must play a game with the entire family over the span of an overnight. And if she loses, it looks like her life is the cost.

READY OR NOT sounds pretty serious by the terms of that description, but believe us when we tell you that directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett have infused their film with a wickedly funny sensibility, though that is equally thanks to screenwriters Guy Busick and Ryan Murphy for turning this story of holy matrimony into a holy terror.

There's another reason to praise the powers that be: for casting Samara Weaving as the film’s lead. Her career has shown some sparkling promise in other horror-comedies like THE BABYSITTER and MAYHEM. This could be the role that truly catapults Weaving into super-stardom.

Everything about READY OR NOT screams a sleeper summer hit, as casualties are racked up in every which way possible in the trailer to this film. Shotgun blasts to the face, crossbows through the mouth, car crashes and even fire all look like they’re holding up the horror end of the bargain.

Of course, with the Le Domas family, not everyone is equipped for murder, coming from a posh household of privilege. So, part of the funny bits are going to be seeing folks clad in their best evening wear, trying to YouTube how to use a crossbow. Seriously, it’s a gag that kills in the trailer, which you can watch below:

You can see why we’re so excited about READY OR NOT. If you’re ready to see how Grace and the Le Domas family square off in a battle of wits and weapons, buy your tickets now to see this film at your local AMC theatre.

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