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See Ad Astra in the Dazzling IMAX Format It Was Meant to Be Screened

September 20th, 2019See Ad Astra in the Dazzling IMAX Format It Was Meant to Be Screened

The vastness of space is something we’ve seen time and again on the big screen. But when it’s shown on an IMAX screen, the results are almost always something to talk about. That certainly looks to be the case with director James Gray’s AD ASTRA, a spacefaring adventure that sees star Brad Pitt journey to the stars for a very big reason.

And just as big as the quest to save all life in the known universe is the legendary IMAX format, which takes the best and brightest Hollywood has to offer and displays it on the grand scale of the company’s proprietary large format. So, while you’re watching Pitt’s Roy McBride search for his father, Clifford (Tommy Lee Jones), the man who journeyed to space decades prior and may hold the keys to survival, you’ll be doing so in an absolutely eye-popping format when you choose IMAX at AMC.

With everything from the majesty of space travel to action-packed chases on the moon, AD ASTRA has a sonic landscape that is ready to impress. And that just circles back to how big and bright the film will look on an IMAX screen.

Though it’s not all about the picture, as AD ASTRA does have some impressive audio thrills. With contemporary classical composer Max Richter bringing his skills to the score of Gray’s space opus, the enhanced and larger-than-life sound quality of the IMAX format will make every note ring out in style.

A big adventure calls for a huge presentation, and the auditorium of your local IMAX at AMC will give you the chance to let the movie’s images truly tower over you, while surrounding yourself with the intense sound enveloping you in the moment.

With early-screening reviews labeling the film as excellent, AD ASTRA may be set in the future, but it’s not very far from being showcased to audiences in IMAX at AMC theatres all over. In fact, you can purchase your tickets to see AD ASTRA, in conventional and IMAX formats, this very moment!

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