Surprise Q&A with David Gordon Green

October 15th, 2021Surprise Q&A with David Gordon Green

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To celebrate the return of Michael Myers and the sequel to the 2018 HALLOWEEN, a special screening of HALLOWEEN KILLS was held at AMC Universal City Walk in Los Angeles as part of the launch of AMC Thrills & Chills. Fans of the series were entertained to a Q&A session with the director, David Gordon Green before the screening. Green, wrote and directed both HALLOWEEN movies and is in production developing the third installment, HALLOWEEN ENDS - set to release at AMC Theatres next year.

During the interview, Green spoke about being a fan and his passion for the legacy of the HALLOWEEN franchise and the opportunity to continure the story with the characters created by John Carpenter. Green spoke of the influence Carpenter has had with on his writing and directing skills during the production of HALLOWEEN KILLS, "John is of that same fabric. He loves what he does. He loves the genre, he loves collaboration… It's a real privilege and a real honor to be part of his tapestry."

As part of the AMC Thrills & Chills series, Green is excited for fans to experience HALLOWEEN KILLS at their favorite AMC Theatre, "I'm a purist, I love seeing a movie on the big screen. We worked really hard on the sound, the Carpenter score… there are so much going on in the details of the sound design, that you are not going to get if you are watching on an iPad."

Green elaborated on the importance of experiencing the movie with the surround sound because of the artistry and technical skills exhibited by his creative team to produce the sequel. To get a glimpse into the making of film, watch this behind the scenes video.

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Get Tickets HALLOWEEN KILLS is now playing

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