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The Best New Movies in January 2020

December 27th, 2019The Best New Movies in January 2020

Happy almost New Year, dear readers! We've seen a lot of excitement come through the doors in 2019, and those memories are still in our hearts and minds. But a new year is coming and will bring a new crop of films that are set to delight, terrify and exhilarate viewers that are ready to live those particular experiences.

That means it's time to look to the future and plan those weekend movie sessions that will start off a new decade of thrills! Here now is a rundown of January's box office offerings, including new titles in the AMC Artisan Films series, which represents bold visions from independent voices.

January 3

The Grudge

An iconic force of evil is reborn in THE GRUDGE, when a realtor (John Cho) and a detective (Andrea Riseborough) scramble to solve the cause of a curse that haunts a house that’s on the market. And we’re not talking about a simple case of randomly moving furniture — a powerful anger is infecting all who dare to enter its unassuming location.

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A prison warden (Alfre Woodard) reflects on her job as the clock ticks down on a death row inmate (Aldis Hodge) whose appeal is running up against his scheduled execution. CLEMENCY is a suspenseful drama that weighs the very real cost of the death penalty, even on those who would carry out such a sentence. (Limited Release)

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January 10

Like A Boss

Mel and Mia (Rose Byrne and Tiffany Haddish) are trying to make a name for themselves in the world of cosmetics. But after a beauty magnate (Salma Hayek) invests in their hard work only to rip it off for her own gain, these best friends are going to get revenge the only way they know how: LIKE A BOSS.

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At the bottom of the ocean, a massive earthquake threatens the lives of the crew working in a research laboratory. But UNDERWATER’s true threat isn’t only that natural event; rather, it’s the creature it seems to have unleashed on our unsuspecting group of human protagonists, stalking their every move as their oxygen tanks run out.

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The Informer

Pete Koslow (Joel Kinnaman) is a former soldier/ex-con who’s looking to live a free and clean life. Those hopes get complicated when a sting operation he’s working for the FBI goes horribly wrong, compromising his position with the criminals he’s befriended and law-enforcement agents that aren’t exactly on the up and up.

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Time is the enemy in 1917, director Sam Mendes’ World War I epic about two soldiers (George MacKay and Dean-Charles Chapman) tasked with delivering a very important message that could save countless lives on the frontlines. (Wide Release)

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Just Mercy

In 1988, Walter McMillian (Jamie Foxx) was accused and convicted of a murder he didn’t commit. Decades later, young law school grad Bryan Stevenson (Michael B. Jordan) made his way to Alabama in an attempt to exonerate McMillian, who was serving a life sentence for the crime. (Wide Release)

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Les Miserables

With the 2005 French Riots as its inspiration, LES MISERABLES tells the story of three anti-crime agents who find themselves engulfed in the resulting conflict. What starts as a simple arrest turns into a fight for survival, as the protests grow and tensions mount. (Limited Release)

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January 17

Bad Boys for Life

Mike Lowery (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) are back in action with BAD BOYS FOR LIFE! With one cop ready for action and another ready for retirement, this sequel teams the legendary pair of loose cannons with the next generation of law enforcement to take on a very personal threat.

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From the pages of author Hugh Lofting's children's classics, DOLITTLE sees the good doctor (Robert Downey Jr.) embarking on a perilous quest to save Queen Victoria from a mysterious illness. With a host of animal friends and the ability to communicate with them all, he'll use his special gifts to save the day!

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The Last Full Measure

William H. Pitsenbarger, an Air Force pararescueman killed in action during Vietnam, was only recognized for his bravery decades after his death. THE LAST FULL MEASURE tells the true story of Pitsenbarger's heroic efforts to save the lives of his fellow soldiers, as well as the complex narrative that prevented his recognition from being bestowed upon him at an earlier time.

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January 24

The Gentlemen

Mickey Pearson (Matthew McConaughey) is a marijuana mogul who wants to sell his business and retire in peace. So naturally, a whole bunch of people want to steal it all from underneath his nose, and for various reasons of their own. THE GENTLEMEN is a return to comic form for writer/director Guy Ritchie, who has had a fantastic 2019 on the back of his efforts with Disney's ALADDIN. Needless to say, this is a magic carpet ride of a different variety.

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The Turning

Henry James' classic horror tale "The Turn of the Screw" has haunted audiences for over a century, with various film adaptations helping contribute to its legacy of terror. Now, THE TURNING will bring that story to life yet again for a new generation to discover. This time, the tale of a nanny (Mackenzie Davis) and the children she's hired to look after (Finn Wolfhard and Brooklynn Prince) takes a disturbing, supernatural turn.

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January 31

Gretel And Hansel

An old fairy tale gets a horrifying new face lift in GRETEL AND HANSEL, which sees one of the Grimm Brothers' most iconic stories reimagined in one of the more horrifying versions we've seen in some time. Trying to help feed their family, this sister and brother team (Sophia Lillis and Sam Leakey) embark on a mission into the woods. One that puts them face to face with the infamous evil witch (Alice Krige) that has very specific dinner plans involving her new young friends.

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The Rhythm Section

Stephanie Patrick (Blake Lively) lost her family in a plane crash several years ago. Her life in ruins, she's tried to figure out how or why such a tragedy could occur, which leads to the major revelation that sets her on a path of vengeance in THE RHYTHM SECTION. As it turns out, her family's death wasn't an accident, and the parties involved are still in the open, waiting to be brought to justice.

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The Assistant

In her position as an executive assistant, Jane (Julia Garner) sees and hears all sorts of things most people would never dream of. But things take a turn for the worse in THE ASSISTANT when our protagonist realizes the abuse of power that's been happening behind the closed doors she helps protect. (Limited Release)

There you have it: a January to remember, and the first month of 2020 sorted for all of your movie-watching needs! Don't forget to check your local listings for availability and showtimes, as you head out to see your first film of the new decade.

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