The Best New Movies in March 2020

March 3rd, 2020The Best New Movies in March 2020

We're well into 2020, and the excitement at the movies is reaching a fever pitch! March has some special treasures to behold, from big ticket blockbusters to the artist-driven films we'll be highlighting through our AMC Artisan Films series. So, mark your calendars — here are some of the must-see titles heading to AMC this March.

March 6


Inspired by true events, BURDEN tells the story of Mike Burden (Garrett Hedlund), a former member of the KKK who renounces his membership in the name of love. With the help of a local reverend (Forest Whitaker), Mike finds not only protection from his former Klansmen who would do him harm, but he also finds himself, and his faith, renewed. (In Select Theatres)

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First Cow

Making their way through the American Northwest frontier of 1820, two travelers embark on a journey that will hopefully improve their fortunes and bring them a lot of financial success. It all depends on one, adorable dairy cow, in a land that doesn't have too many of those to begin with. (In Select Theatres)

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Sir Richard McCreadie (Steve Coogan) is going through a rough patch, as recent events have called his way of doing business into question. Which means it’s the perfect time for the retail magnate to throw a lavish 60th birthday party, with a guest list so impressive no one could possibly think it’s a distraction. (In Select Theatres)

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On his 16th birthday, Ian Lightfoot (Tom Holland) is gifted a staff and a magic spell from his late father. With the help of his brother, Barley (Chris Pratt), Ian will embark on an adventure to resurrect their dad for one day, no matter what dangerous obstacles stand in their way.

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Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Despite her better judgment, young artist Marianne (Noémie Merlant) falls in love with the subject of her latest commission: a young woman of privilege named Héloïse (Adèle Haenel). While the painting is supposed to help Héloïse secure a husband, the artist’s feelings for her muse complicate matters, both on and off the canvas.

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The Way Back

After personal tragedy pushes Jack Cunningham (Ben Affleck) into an addiction to alcohol, his life is in chaos. But an offer to coach high school basketball at his alma mater might help Jack turn things around and find a purpose once more.

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March 13


After Ray Garrison (Vin Diesel) and his wife are murdered, a mysterious corporation revives the slain marine, with the express purpose of sending him on a mission of vengeance against those that took his life. But revenge isn’t going to be easy, as his new handlers are using his newfound powers to their personal advantage.

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I Still Believe

Based on the story of real-life Christian rock star Jeremy Camp (KJ Apa), I STILL BELIEVE tells the story of Camp’s courtship with late-wife Melissa (Britt Robertson) and the strengthening of their relationship, through good times and bad, with the power of faith.

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The Burnt Orange Heresy

Art critic James (Claes Bang) is inadvertently drawn into a scenario of dangerous romance, thievery and intrigue. Tasked by an art collector (Mick Jagger) to steal a rare piece of art from a reclusive artist (Donald Sutherland), James will be aided by his partner/lover, Berenice (Elizabeth Debicki). But does he really know who to trust? (In Select Theatres)

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The Hunt

Delayed due to its supposedly controversial nature, THE HUNT finally comes to theatres this month. On a game preserve where humans are hunted, a group of unwilling participants led by the tough-as-nails Crystal (Betty Gilpin) will do everything they can to defend themselves from the insidious parties trying to end their lives.

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March 20

Never Rarely Sometimes Always

An unexpected pregnancy leads a teen (Sidney Flanigan) and her cousin (Talia Ryder) to travel from a small town in Pennsylvania to New York City to have an abortion. Their journey will put them into uncharted territory, as they aim to accomplish the goal of their trip without any outside help. (In Select Theatres)

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Your local AMC is the place to be in the month of March! But remember that all titles are subject to change and availability, so be sure to check for showtimes and tickets before you head out.