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The Biggest Little Farm: 2019’s Most Inspiring Movie

April 9th, 2019The Biggest Little Farm: 2019’s Most Inspiring Movie

We expect to see a few major elements in any inspirational movie: great characters facing incredible obstacles and, hopefully, a triumphant resolution to at least some of the problems. The documentary THE BIGGEST LITTLE FARM has them all. And, because it takes place on an actual farm, it also features adorable animals!

THE BIGGEST LITTLE FARM follows Los Angeles couple John and Molly Chester, as they impulsively purchase a stretch of farmland in the San Fernando Valley. Despite having no farming experience, the couple decides to revitalize the land and agree to face every challenge head-on. Their astonishing journey is the most inspiring movie of the year.  

The Power of Todd

[Credit: NEON]

The whole story starts with a dog. John and Molly Chester rescued their dog, Todd, but the pup was not made for city life. His constant barking got the couple evicted from their apartment. Rather than saying goodbye to their friend, John and Molly honor their commitment to Todd and found a new home outside the city. 

When the Chesters bought Apricot Lane Farms, the land looked more like an inhospitable dirt patch than a farm full of life. Having made that choice, the only thing to do seemed to be actual farming — never mind that John and Molly had never done that sort of work for even a day in their life. Before anything else, THE BIGGEST LITTLE FARM is a story about finding the purpose and determination to honor your commitments, no matter how difficult that may be.

Expert Assistance

[Credit: NEON]

Bringing life back to the land was easier said than done. Apricot Lane Farms was in such poor shape, over-farmed and ravaged by drought, that even planting a few small crops required an amazing amount of work. So, the couple found someone who knew a lot about resuscitating seemingly dead soil.

Part of what makes this movie so wonderful is that there’s a lot to learn from it, but this isn’t the sort of documentary where experts are constantly telling the audience how things work. John and Molly didn’t know anything about farming when they began, and the film takes us along on their journey of discovery. We learn along with them and experience their setbacks and triumphs as they attempt to build a thriving, self-sustaining ecosystem.

Circle of Life

As the trailer above shows, THE BIGGEST LITTLE FARM isn’t merely a film about the human spirit, even though that aspect is powerful. It’s also about the amazing relationships found in nature. As the Chesters slowly bring the land back to life, they learn about all the ways in which predators and prey play a role in the circle of life.

Nature is amazingly complex. The movie shows how all of the seemingly conflicting elements in an ecosystem can work together if allowed to find their own balance. As the Chesters learn to see pests and predators in a new light, you might, too. You’re guaranteed to be moved by the couple’s patience, determination and hard work as they discover the true power of the world around them.

THE BIGGEST LITTLE FARM will give you great feelings beginning on May 10.

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