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The Black Phone: Author Joe Hill's Suspenseful Thriller

June 24th, 2022The Black Phone: Author Joe Hill's Suspenseful Thriller

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If you’ve been craving a new horror experience, THE BLACK PHONE aims to haunt when it arrives at AMC theatres nationwide. Starring horror veteran Ethan Hawke, as well as Mason Thames, Madeleine McGraw and more, THE BLACK PHONE aims to not only terrify you, but capture your attention from beginning to end with a skillful story. If you’ve been craving a new horror movie that will keep you entertained, here’s what you need to know about THE BLACK PHONE before you head to AMC theatres to see the new movie.

Joe Hill Provides Excellent Suspense In The Black Phone

For those who don’t know, Joe Hill is the son of famous horror author Stephen King. King, who is known for creating masterful horror novels such as “The Shining,” “IT,” “Misery” and more, has provided some of the best background for horror movies over the last several decades. Now, his son is adding onto that.

Joe Hill has been active as a writer and in the Hollywood industry for years, and many of his pieces have already been adapted into mainstream television and movies that you might have seen. HORNS, starring Daniel Radcliffe, which was released in 2013, was based on a novel by Joe Hill. Netflix’s popular series “Locke & Key” is based on a graphic novel from the author as well. And those are just a couple of his works that have been adapted for the screen ahead of THE BLACK PHONE.

THE BLACK PHONE, which is a short story featured in “20th Century Ghosts,” takes aspects of both his horror background, as well as providing a mystery that every viewer of this film will be entranced by from the moment it begins. Scott Derrickson's adaptation of Joe Hill's story is extremely suspenseful, and will make you wonder if you’re about to be grabbed next.

A Lesson In Slow-Build Horror

Many horror films out there aim to scare you from the moment they begin, but THE BLACK PHONE isn’t that kind of horror movie. Set in the 1970s, THE BLACK PHONE follows a community in despair when several children are suddenly taken. The mysterious kidnapper is referred to as “the Grabber.” The kidnapper ends up stealing the protagonist, Finn, a young boy who’s determined to find a way out, with the help of a strange, mysterious ringing black phone that sits in his cage.

Meanwhile, Finn’s sister, Gwen, is experiencing strange dreams that her mother apparently used to have, but her father insists that their mother was mentally ill. And while at first, her father is urging her not to make anything of it and believe they are “just dreams,” when Finn is captured, she takes it upon herself to see if they can be of any use to not only find her brother, but the missing children as well.

From the moment THE BLACK PHONE begins, our protagonist uses any method possible to try to escape. And in the end, it’s going to be a battle of smarts on who comes out on top - the boy, or the Grabber?

Ethan Hawke Delivers A Masterful Performance

There are many actors in this world who are known for specific types of genres, and one of those is Ethan Hawke and his history with horror. Hawke, who has appeared in many other scary movies such as SINISTER, THE PURGE, REGRESSION, DAYBREAKERS and so many others, continues to show off his prowess as a horror actor in THE BLACK PHONE.

While most of his face is covered for a good portion of THE BLACK PHONE, hidden behind a creepy and sinister mask that has interchangeable looks for its lips, Hawke is still able to show off just how skilled of a horror actor he is through his eyes, movements, and most importantly, his voice. You’ll be hearing his creepy laugh long after THE BLACK PHONE’S credits roll.

No matter what, you’ll feel Hawke’s presence throughout the film, whether he is featured in the scene or not. There’s a reason why Hawke is the headlining man of THE BLACK PHONE, and the ways in which he is able to immerse the audience is skillful.

Prepare To Fall Off Your Seat

You know that age-old saying, “you’ll be on the edge of your seat?” THE BLACK PHONE won’t just have you on the edge of your seat - you’ll be literally falling out of it.

While the jumpscares are few and far between, that only adds to the incredible suspense that THE BLACK PHONE builds throughout its hour and forty-two minute run-time. The ringing of that legendary black, coiled phone will haunt you as you watch Finn try over and over to escape, leading to the film’s ultimate climax. Certain scenes are so suspenseful they will have you falling off your seat. Others will have you jumping up and down with excitement. No matter what, you’ll be screaming either way.

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