November 30th, 2018The Cast Of ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE

You’ve seen plenty of zombie movies, and you’ve been delighted by countless Christmas movies and musicals, but you’ve never seen a zombie Christmas musical… until now. ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE is the first of its kind, a merry and scary mashup that’s coming to blow your holiday-themed socks off this December. Think SHAUN OF THE DEAD meets LA LA LAND, with a cast of young and extremely talented rising stars.

You may not know their names now, but after this charming new holiday classic hits theaters, you’re going to be obsessed. Here’s everything you need to know about the cast of ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE.

Meet Anna

When a zombie apocalypse threatens the tiny Scottish town of Little Haven – at Christmas time, no less! – high schooler Anna rallies her friends to take on the undead. They’ll have to hack and slash (and sing!) their way through the zombie masses if they want to reach their families.

Anna is played by the charismatic Ella Hunt, who made her acting debut in the 2011 horror film INTRUDERS opposite Clive Owen. You may have also spotted her in the 2012 movie adaptation of LES MISERABLES (she had a small part), or – if you’re a fan of TV from across the pond – in the comedy series COLD FEET. Things are really taking off for Hunt, who is set to appear in a few upcoming movies, including SUMMER NIGHTS, in which she stars opposite BOYHOOD’s Ellar Coltrane.

And The Boys Who Want Her Affection

Malcolm Cumming plays Anna’s BFF John, who is – unsurprisingly – totally in love with his platonic pal. ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE is actually Cumming’s first big movie role. The newcomer previously worked as a writing assistant on shows like THE MAGICIANS and AQUARIUS, and had only starred in a couple of short films before he was cast in the zombie musical.

Then there’s Nick, Anna’s jerk of an ex-boyfriend, played by Ben Wiggins (above). Wiggins has a little more acting experience under his belt, having appeared in the indie horror flick CAM2CAM and in a couple of episodes of the BBC drama series DOCTORS.

The American

Steph is a politically-correct lesbian whose wealthy parents forced her to move to Scotland from the good ol’ US of A. Her mom and dad aren’t around much, so Steph keeps herself preoccupied with social causes.

The lone American of the cast, Sarah Swire also served as the choreographer and came up with all of the awesome dance sequences in ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE. It’s not her first Scottish movie musical, either: Swire previously had a supporting role in the film GOD HELP THE GIRL, based on the music of Scottish band Belle and Sebastian.

The Art Kids

Last (but far from least) are Chris and Lisa, played by Christopher Leveaux and Marli Siu. Chris is the school’s resident movie nerd, and he falls head over heels for Lisa, the star of Little Haven High’s Christmas show. Leveaux has been acting for almost 10 years and is one of the more experienced cast members, having appeared in movies like WRITERS RETREAT and THE WICKER TREE.

As for Siu, ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE is only her first big movie role, but you’d hardly know it given how brightly she shines with Leveaux. We’re sure to see much, much more from these talented newcomers in the years to come.

ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE opens in limited release on November 30.

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