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The ESCAPE ROOM Challenge

January 4th, 2019The ESCAPE ROOM Challenge

The new year begins with a challenge at your local AMC theatre. We’re not talking life or death here, because you’re in the comfort of your seat, not on screen. On January 4, director Adam Robitel invites patrons to ESCAPE ROOM, where six strangers find themselves in a mysterious room where they must survive a series of elaborate and deadly traps, hoping to be the last person standing at the end of the contest.

Sounds terrifying; however, if given the chance, we thought it would be a ton of fun to bring a few movie characters along with us to help us survive ESCAPE ROOM. These people would have to be very good at avoiding traps, figuring out the best way to survive a nearly impossible situation. Crafty, resourceful and quick on their feet, these movie icons would help us make it to the end of ESCAPE ROOM in one piece.

These are the three movie characters we would ask to come with us to ESCAPE ROOM. Who would you bring with you?

Home Alone

Kevin McCallister, HOME ALONE

Young Kevin knows a thing or two about setting traps. Abandoned at home by his family when they take off on a vacation, Kevin has the large house to himself, which initially sounds great. But when the Wet Bandits choose Kevin’s home as the target of their next suburban robbery, the kid needs to set every booby trap in the book to keep himself and his family’s home safe.

Reverse the trend, however, and we believe that Kevin would be a tremendous asset in ESCAPE ROOM. He’d probably be able to deduce the end result of whatever sophisticated trap that the villain in the movie set. Also, Kevin has an innate ability to completely avoid injury, while the most bone-crunching accidents happen to the people around him. There’s a certain amount of luck needed to survive ESCAPE ROOM, and Kevin McCallister has it.

Die Hard

John McClane, DIE HARD

The original fly in the ointment, John McClane (Bruce Willis), tends to be places where he shouldn’t at the worst possible times. From a skyscraper in Los Angeles to an airport in Washington, D.C., and finally to Moscow, McClane has a habit of stopping the best-laid plans of maniacal villains.

So, how would McClane fare in a deadly escape room? Probably pretty well, knowing his batting average for surviving impossible odds in lethal situations. Something about McClane just keeps him going. He figures out solutions in tight situations. He endures, even when things get unbearable. He’s tough to kill, which is the entire point of ESCAPE ROOM. If we’re betting on survivors, our money’s on McClane.


John Kramer (aka Jigsaw), SAW

With all due respect to Kevin McCallister and his adorable (but effective) home traps, no one can hold a candle to John Kramer, the evil mastermind behind the SAW franchise. In fact, the person behind ESCAPE ROOM no doubt is modeling it on the work of Jigsaw, perhaps as an homage.

Once a successful civil engineer, Kramer endured numerous twists and tragic turns in his life that both tested his will to live AND taught him the value of survival. So he spent the rest of his days testing others, with elaborate and deadly traps. Invite Kramer to ESCAPE ROOM, and he’d probably be amused at the rudimentary design. Then he’d spend hours updating it, so that it actually was deadly. Oh, and he’d also know the immediate way out. Sounds like a win for us.

Who would you bring to ESCAPE ROOM to ensure your success? Buy a ticket in their honor once the movie opens at AMC in January. Tickets are on sale now.

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