The Lego Movie 2 Addresses Gender

September 25th, 2017The Lego Movie 2 Addresses Gender

Following the run-away success of The Lego Movie, fans of the surprise animated hit of 2014 have been wondering what the sequel would be about. While The Lego Movie's success was able to spawn multiple spin-offs, including this year's The Lego Ninjago Movie, fans of the original film are eagerly awaiting Emmet's return.

The sequel is currently being rewritten, and it has recently been reported that The Lego Movie 2 will focus on gender identity.

Everything Will Be Even More Awesome In The LEGO Movie 2

In an interview with Collider, the sequel's producers Dan Lin and Chris McKay discussed how the next film would deal with gender issues. To do this, the follow-up will pick up where the previous movie left off: with the introduction of the LEGO Duplo toys, which represent more than just a colorful cast of new characters.

The Duplo represents Finn’s sister, Finn being the little boy from the live-action. The Duplo is her. The man upstairs said, You’ve gotta play with your sister. That’s the thing you’ve gotta promise me. I’ll let you play with my world, but now you’ve gotta let your sister come in and play with your world. Now, she’s coming in, and that’s the major thing that the movie is about. What’s different and similar about gender, when a boy plays vs. how a girl plays? What kinds of stories are there?
'The LEGO Movie' [Credit: Warner Brothers]
'The LEGO Movie' [Credit: Warner Brothers]

McKay then elaborated, stating that he and Lin wholeheartedly put their trust in Phil Lord and Christopher Miller – who directed The Lego Movie and are now also serving as the sequel's writers. Even if the two won't be directing and will only serve as writers, McKay believes that Lord and Miller are key to the sequel's success, and he can't wait to see what madness they will bring to life.

Chris and Phil are super f***ing smart and really thoughtful and sensitive writers. The kinds of questions and the interesting ideas that they’re getting into with this movie, it’s going to be like the first LEGO Movie was, where it’s about something else that’s really profound. I’m really excited about where the movie is gonna go because it’s about these things that are actual notions that people have that might even be unconscious biases, where people don’t even realize that that’s the way they’re looking at the world.

Gender identity has always been an important issue, and has recently become a hot-topic – especially in the way in which it's presented to children through the media. This is commonly seen in subtle ways, such as how toys are often segregated according to genders, with the supposedly "boyish" merchandise being made distinct from the (often pink-colored) "girly" ones. The latter is even treated as a punchline at times, with "girly toys" being quickly dismissed or even being used as an insult by male characters.

Just like how the first movie asked questions about the limits and the importance of creativity, the sequel can deconstruct the stereotypes that have inadvertently become a part of young people's lives. And of course, fans of the first movie could expect this to be done in the most fun and musical way imaginable.

You can do that in a movie like this, and still have it be a great musical with fun songs, and have action and all of the other crazy things we’re gonna get into with that movie. It’s gonna be a really special movie.

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