The Rhythm Section Is Blake Lively's Toughest Role Yet

January 30th, 2020The Rhythm Section Is Blake Lively's Toughest Role Yet

Since Blake Lively was introduced to the world in her iconic role in CW’s "Gossip Girl," she’s had a clear knack for tapping into the mysterious. Almost 15 years later, the actress is going full action star for THE RHYTHM SECTION. Lively will be the center of the high-powered spy thriller from the producers of the James Bond film series.

THE RHYTHM SECTION promises gripping car chases, shootouts, challenging tests of courage and secrecy as Lively delves into her most badass role yet. Audiences will witness the actress transform from a lonely plane crash survivor to a force to be reckoned with, as her character, Stephanie, trains with Iain Boyd (Jude Law) in the art of marksmanship and disguise.

Iain attempts to calm Stephanie's impulsive, vengeful urges by explaining that she must view her heart as a drum and her breathing as a bass to get herself sorted. Lively relentlessly runs, swims and shoots herself through a remote training course that will test her abilities in every way. But her appetite for violence is vastly personal. After Stephanie finds out that the plane crash that killed her family was orchestrated to look like an accident, she embarks on a dangerous mission to track down those responsible for her loved ones’ deaths.

Alongside Lively and Law, BLACK PANTHER’s Sterling K. Brown co-stars Marc Serra, who is teased as Stephanie’s steamy love interest — or perhaps pawn to her vengeance? Her character looks as tough as nails and so sharp-focused, who knows what she’ll do.

Lively first leaned into the action genre back in 2016 with THE SHALLOWS. The thriller had Lively surfing ocean waves and fighting off a great white shark while stranded 200 yards off shore. She carried the entire survival film on her shoulders with great ease, as moviegoers were left hanging on the edges of their seats.

In 2018’s A SIMPLE FAVOR, she had audiences fooled when she took on the role of a martini-sipping young mother alongside PITCH PERFECT’s Anna Kendrick. Mystery often unravels around Lively’s characters, but this time the actress took the action in her own capable hands.

Based on the trailer alone, Lively will own her power again in THE RHYTHM SECTION, playing at an AMC near you on January 31. Get your tickets now for opening weekend.

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