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The Way Back Is Part of Affleck's Big Year at the Movies

March 6th, 2020The Way Back Is Part of Affleck's Big Year at the Movies

2020 is a big year for film, with various blockbusters heading to your local AMC theatre; however, for writer/director/actor Ben Affleck, it’s a banner year for another reason. His new release, THE WAY BACK, is only part of a big year at the movies for this massive talent.

You’ll be able to see Ben Affleck star in multiple films throughout 2020, starting with THE WAY BACK, in theatres today. In the sports drama, Affleck stars as Jack Cunningham, a man who has succumbed to alcohol dependency after a family tragedy. Trying to get by, Jack finds himself drafted into the last job he thought he’d ever accept, as a coach at his high school alma mater’s basketball team.

A former rising star in the game, Jack hasn’t been on the court in years. But with a team he believes could go all the way, he might just find himself turning his life around for all the right reasons. You can see more for yourself, as you watch the trailer for THE WAY BACK above.

While some may think that Ben Affleck’s real-life troubles might have scared him away from such a project, the actor was actually energized to tackle the role of Jack as he maintains his own recovery from alcohol addiction. He gives the role his all and delivers a remarkable, genuine performance.

Those dramatic chops will definitely come into play later this year, as Affleck will star in two other films. In the psychological thriller DEEP WATER, Affleck will paired with NO TIME TO DIE and KNIVES OUT star Ana de Armas, as a husband and wife who engage in some deceptive and deadly mind games.

Also coming this year is Ridley Scott’s THE LAST DUEL, which reunites Ben Affleck with friend and collaborator Matt Damon, in a story about two friends in 14th-century France who team up to avenge the honor of one’s wife.

It will be a busy 2020 for Ben Affleck, starting with THE WAY BACK, in theatres today. Get your tickets now.

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