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The Whistlers Plays a Tune of Mysterious Danger

February 26th, 2020The Whistlers Plays a Tune of Mysterious Danger

In the world of the just and proper, they say that crime doesn’t pay. Well, if the characters of writer/director Corneliu Porumboiu’s THE WHISTLERS have anything to add to that statement, it’s that the just and proper clearly aren’t speaking the right language.

The basic setup for this crime caper sees police inspector Cristi (Vlad Ivanov) and his accomplice/lover Gilda (Catrinel Marlon) getting mixed up with some unsavory people, in some sort of criminal enterprise. The catch that sends THE WHISTLERS down its own unique path is the fact that in order to run with this crew, Cristi is going to have to master a new language and whistle a much different tune.

Language is a pretty major star in THE WHISTLERS’s amazing cast, as this Romanian-made film shuttles over to the Spanish archipelago of the Canary Islands for some of its action. With the whistling language of El Silbo, which Cristi is learning the ropes to, plus some English thrown in for good measure, that’s at least four different native tongues our hero will need to be somewhat familiar with.

Surely, with this much excitement in the air, and before any mention of murder, surveillance, and betrayal, there has to be a lot on the line, right? Well, THE WHISTLERS has €30 million on the line, which is roughly $32.5 million. If that doesn’t inspire even the just and proper to step one foot out of line, in the name of a huge payday, we don’t know what will.

Already released in various worldwide markets, THE WHISTLERS is finally coming to the United States — and with a pretty heady buzz of good reviews as well. Now, fans of dangerous relationships in the face of large-value heists will have something to look forward to, as they’ll be able to see the film for themselves.

Lush tropical settings, new and exciting languages, and €30 million await the adventurous viewer who dares to get to know THE WHISTLERS. You just might be walking out of the theatre whistling yourself... though just be prepared for your fellow audience members to try and decode just what it is you’re saying.

THE WHISTLERS sails through the breeze and into limited theatres on February 28. So, if you want to know when and where you can see this absolutely criminal adventure, be sure to check your local AMC for showtimes and tickets.

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