THE WIFE: A Slow-Burning Drama

September 6th, 2018THE WIFE: A Slow-Burning Drama

Joe Castleman just received the call he’s been waiting for.

He’s won the Noble Prize for Literature, the crown jewel in a spectacular body of work. Joan shares in his celebration, but behind her smile hides the pain, anger and resentment of living in the shadows of his success and sacrificing her own talent, dreams and ambitions to take care of his every need.

Golden Globe nominee Jonathan Pryce and Oscar® nominee Glenn Close star in THE WIFE, a slow-burning drama that explodes in an unexpected finale. Close delivers an award-worthy performance as perfect, devoted wife Joan with Pryce as charismatic (but altogether unlikeable) husband Joe.

For 40 years, Joan has ignored Joe’s infidelities, lies and excuses to fan the flames of his skyrocketing literary career. Joe has always had the upper hand in their relationship. He was Joan’s college writing professor, who wooed her with James Joyce and walnuts penned with small notes of affection. Naïve Joan was infatuated — to the detriment of her own professional potential and personal growth.

The pair are the epitome of co-dependency, bonded by their children and a secret that has built a marriage upon uneven compromises. But tired of being the long-suffering wife, Joan finally reaches her breaking point on the biggest night of Joe’s career.

In a red carpet interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Close said, “It was tricky territory; it's a tricky relationship. And I had to answer for myself why she didn't leave him, because on the surface I thought everyone will say, ‘Just leave him!’ But that wasn't the story and there are reasons why she didn't, and that to me opened the door into really a lot of thought and exploration. And I think the result is a very real relationship on film.”

THE WIFE opens Friday, September 7 at an AMC near you. Get your tickets today.