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Three Reasons to See WW84 in IMAX

December 14th, 2020Three Reasons to See WW84 in IMAX

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To be properly transported to the neon colors of the eighties and to appreciate the intense action in WONDER WOMAN 1984, you need to see it in the immersive movie-going experience of IMAX at AMC. We have three reasons why the IMAX experience will elevate WONDER WOMAN 1984 to new wonders in the superhero genre.

Majestic Scope

WONDER WOMAN 1984 opens with the incredible views of the Paradise Islands and Themyscira as Diana competes in a gauntlet of challenges against other Amazonian warriors. In the sequel, we get to experience more breathtaking views of the island landscape, which come to life with IMAX clarity. You are immersed into the gauntlet with Diana as she rides horseback on the beaches, cheering her on as she pushes herself through the obstacle course during the Amazonian Games.

The Zimmer Effect

Hans Zimmer composed the Wonder Woman theme song, “Is She With You?” for the movie BATMAN V SUPERMAN and returns to the superhero genre in WONDER WOMAN 1984. The music is composed seamlessly by the legendary composer, balancing the hard driving action and the intimate, personal scenes to pull you closer to our hero throughout the film. The cutting-edge precision audio of the IMAX experience delivers the biggest impact during the moments when Zimmer re-introduces our hero‘s theme song in a subtle, new way that will send chills up your arm.

Boundless Action

Director Patty Jenkins filmed sequences of WONDER WOMAN 1984 with the IMAX cameras to capture the ambitious action sequences that are mind-blowing when seen in IMAX at AMC. The IMAX experience delivers cinematic clarity that draws you into the boundless action as Wonder Woman soars to new heights and confronts incredible challenges in the sequel. To prepare for WONDER WOMAN 1984, enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at the making of the movie with IMAX cameras and get your tickets to see in IMAX at AMC.

Get Tickets WONDER WOMAN opens 12/25

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