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Tim Tebow Tackles Run the Race

February 13th, 2019Tim Tebow Tackles Run the Race

Over the years, several professional athletes have found new life off the court or field and in the movie theatres. Some pros actually become the face of a movie, as when Michael Jordan starred alongside Bugs Bunny in SPACE JAM or when Boston Celtic Kyrie Irving recruited a handful of NBA legends for the comedy UNCLE DREW.

Then, there’s the modern phenomenon of LeBron James, whose move from Cleveland to Los Angeles is marginally tied to the expansion of his entertainment footprint. Yes, James has co-starred in comedies like TRAINWRECK, where he played himself. But the basketball icon is taking the next steps to be a Hollywood mogul … and he’s not alone in this mindset.

Tim Tebow also has a foot in the film industry, after making a name for himself in the realms of college and professional football, as well as Minor League Baseball. He and his brother, Robby, are serving as executive producers on the faith-based inspirational sports drama RUN THE RACE, which was written by Jake McEntire and directed by Chris Dowling.

The movie tells the story of two brothers who are chasing bright futures through sports and dealing with a devastating injury that sidetracks their trajectory. Instead of throwing in the towel, one brother decides to lace up his running shoes and show the fractured family what can happen when you run toward God.

Tebow told USA Today that the RUN THE RACE screenplay was one of the best he had ever received, and he instantly knew that he and his brother wanted to somehow be involved with bringing the story to the silver screen.

“I’ve received a lot of scripts over the years. But I haven’t always wanted to be in filmmaking,” Tebow said. “I want to do the right films, films that will encourage or inspire or move people. … There are a lot of similarities in my life between two brothers supporting one another, having each other's back, believing in one another. My family and my brother have always given me so much support. That’s made such a big impact on me being able to go after my dreams."

The Tebow brothers understand how a movie like RUN THE RACE can help them reach a much wider audience with their positive messages. Audiences are flocking to movie theatres to support movies like I CAN ONLY IMAGINE and GOD’S NOT DEAD: A LIGHT IN DARKNESS, and the Tebows have expressed a strong interest in continuing to back projects like RUN THE RACE, that bring the right message to an eager crowd.

In a separate interview with the Baptist Press, Robby Tebow confirmed their desire to keep making movies like RUN THE RACE, explaining, “Moving forward, I think both of us definitely want to be a part of more things that impact and tell a story, and that can be inspirational. But we also want them to be good movies. It was about telling a story, but making a good movie, too.”

See for yourself how positive and influential RUN THE RACE will be when it opens in theatres on February 21.

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