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Tom & Jerry is a Family Comedy with Heart

February 26th, 2021Tom & Jerry is a Family Comedy with Heart

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One of the most iconic rivalries in history gets a modern look in TOM & JERRY. The classic dueling duo of cat and mouse take the streets of New York City in this new adaptation, which is now playing at AMC!

While the main stars of the film, Tom and Jerry, were too busy with their regular antics, we spoke with their live action counterparts, Chloë Grace Moretz, Michael Peña, and Colin Jost, to understand how they approached this movie and why there’s a real heart to the story.

In signing on to star, Moretz, Peña, and Jost all realized the importance of staying true to the Tom and Jerry that audiences know and love. One aspect of which is the slapstick humor and physical comedy that the whole family can enjoy. Watch the actors tell us below how they tapped into their inner goofball to enter the fun world of TOM & JERRY.

Despite all the comedy and mayhem that ensues, there still is a real heart to the film with Tom and Jerry needing to put aside their differences and work together. Peña felt this was similar to all the classic “Tom and Jerry” cartoons, telling us, “they were mischievous, but sometimes there was a lesson and it always ended well. In this movie, you feel the need to have that level of resolution, otherwise what’s the point?”

Moretz shared why she thinks the reason audiences relate to these characters, explaining, “they have this wonderful, sibling-like frenemy relationship of pulling each other’s hair and beating the heck out of each other, but at the end of the day, loving and needing one another.” Jost added, “Despite the fact that they fight constantly, they’re clearly defined by each other and their rivalry gives them each vitality that they wouldn’t have otherwise.”

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Get Tickets TOM & JERRY now playing!

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