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Trolls 3 Brings The Band Back Together

November 3rd, 2023Trolls 3 Brings The Band Back Together

TROLLS BAND TOGETHER opens November 17

What began as another attempt to bring a popular line of toys to the big screen – in this case the iconic Good Luck Troll dolls – has evolved into its own franchise of epic, irresistible musical adventures that audiences of all ages can nod their heads and tap their toes to. The beat is about to go on with the release of the highly-anticipated 2023 family movie, TROLLS BAND TOGETHER.

Honoring a tradition followed by many famous trilogies, this third film – which opens in AMC Theatres on November 17 and should be a perfect film for families to enjoy together for the Thanksgiving season – appears to be the most revealing installment yet, delving deeper into the past of one of the best-known members of the “Snack Pack.” Discover this new revelation, as well as all the other basic facts you should know about TROLLS BAND TOGETHER in our breakdown below.

A Boy Band Reunion

Following the events of 2016’s TROLLS WORLD TOUR, Poppy and Branch are finally an official romantic item, but the queen of the Pop Trolls soon discovers that there is more to know about her boyfriend than she realized. Apparently, the former Troll Village outcast was part of a legendary boy band called “BroZone” – consisting of Branch and his four brothers – whom Poppy sets out to put back together when one member is kidnapped by an evil pop duo.

In addition to the musical reunion taking place on screen, there is also one taking place behind the scenes that is 20 years in the making. Franchise star Justin Timberlake got back together with the group that made him a pop music sensation, N*SYNC, to record a new song for the TROLLS BAND TOGETHER soundtrack called, “Better Place.”

Anna Kendrick And Justin Timberlake Return

The aforementioned Justin Timberlake is reprising his role as Branch, alongside Academy AwardⓇ nominee Anna Kendrick as Poppy. Other franchise veterans making a return include Zooey Deschanel as Bridget, Ron Funches as Cooper, Christopher Mintz-Plasse as King Gristle, Kenan Thompson as Tiny Diamond, and Kunal Nayyar as Guy Diamond.

Joining the franchise to voice the other members of BroZone are Grammy winner Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi as Clay, Tony winner Daveed Diggs as Spruce, Australian singer-songwriter actor Troye Sivan as Floyd, and Eric Andre as group leader John Dory. Other newcomers in the TROLLS BAND TOGETHER cast include Amy Schumer and Andrew Rannells as Velvet and Veneer, Camilla Cabello as Viva, and RuPaul as Miss Maxine.

Walt Dohrn And Tim Heitz Direct

Walt Dohrn – whose previous credits include writing and directing episodes of “SpongeBob Squarepants” lending his voice to some of the SHREK movies in various roles – has been involved with the TROLLS franchise since the beginning. He made his feature-length directorial debut as the co-director of the first installment, alongside Mike Mitchell, in 2016. He was promoted to lead director – alongside David P. Smith as his co-director – for TROLLS WORLD TOUR and is maintaining the position for the latest chapter.

Serving as Dohrn’s co-director for TROLLS BAND TOGETHER – which was penned by TROLLS WORLD TOUR co-writer Elizabeth Tippet – is Tim Heitz, who made his own directorial debut, in collaboration with Sean Charmatz, with the 2021 made-for-TV spin-off, TROLLS HOLIDAY IN HARMONY. He previously held various positions on many Dreamworks Animations hits, including the first TROLLS as story artist.

Watch The Trailer

The fact that Branch was a member of a popular boy band is only one of a few eye-opening twists and turns fans should expect when they see TROLLS BAND TOGETHER. See for yourself by checking out the official trailer below:

The teaser opens with a glimpse at Branch’s embarrassingly brief history as part of BroZone, which ends with Floyd declaring his little brother’s departure from the group with a pun that cleverly references four popular boy bands. Further down the line of their quest to rescue Floyd, Poppy discovers that she has a long-lost sibling of her own in the form of Viva. Who knows what other secrets may come to light when the movie is released?

Trolls Band Together Fan Event

For moviegoers, younger and older, who cannot get enough of the TROLLS movies, AMC Theatres is offering a chance to a series of extra-special screenings on one day only. It is called the TROLLS BAND TOGETHER Fan Event!

Those who attend any of these special showtimes of TROLLS BAND TOGETHER will also receive a free 20-oz ICEE, a lanyard, an inflatable toy microphone, and a blind bag. Tickets are now on sale for the event, which takes place exclusively at AMC Theatres on November 18!

It looks like audiences might be in for a fun time when they see TROLLS BAND TOGETHER at their nearest AMC Theatres location!

 TROLLS BAND TOGETHER opens November 17

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