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Make Room for New Emotions

May 17th, 2024Make Room for New Emotions

Get Tickets INSIDE OUT 2 is only in theatres June 14

AMC Theatres invites you to experience the feel everything movie of the year with Disney and Pixar’s INSIDE OUT 2, opening exclusively on the big screen this summer. Prepare for mood swings as Riley celebrates turning 13 and starts to evolve her needs by introducing a fresh cast of characters. Acquaint yourself with Riley’s original and new emotions before you see the sequel, only in theatres starting June 14th.


Effortlessly effervescent, Joy is always ready to help with a can-do attitude and positive outlook. Joy was the first of Riley’s emotions and she eagerly takes charge of Headquarters to ensure that positive and meaningful core memories create a healthy foundation for her favorite girl. In the first film, Joy learned to work with Sadness to find the perfect emotional balance and re-boot Riley’s Personality Islands.


Sadness was just getting the hang of things before a group of new emotions arrived. Now that everyone understands how important her role is in Riley’s life, Sadness is feeling more comfortable in her melancholy shoes. Though she may not have a lot of pep in her step, she’s all in when it comes to helping their girl endure the changes coming her way — even if that means taking on a crucial mission.


Anger is passion personified, which explains why he has little patience and easily loses his cool. His main purpose is to ensure fairness and help Riley succeed in any endeavor she attempts. Ultimately, Anger’s biggest fault is that he cares too much to settle. In the first film, he attempted to run headquarters with Disgust and Fear while Sadness and Joy found their way back.


Disgust always has very firm opinions, but her honesty and quick reflexes keep Riley safe from becoming a social outcast or touching anything unsavory. She doesn’t take charge often, but when she does, she stands her ground. Disgust’s main job is to steer Riley away from anything that could hurt or embarrass her. As the less-than-happy medium between Anger and Fear, she tried to step in during the first film to help the other emotions regulate Riley in Joy and Sadness’ absence.


Fear’s best feature is that he’s always on alert and ready to keep Riley safe. He’s often concerned with the risks versus the rewards in daily situations and he’s very tightly wound. It’s hard for him to take a break because he would never allow anything to harm Riley or put her in an uncomfortable situation. He’s usually the voice of reason in Headquarters and avoids confrontation as much as possible, while also trying to assert his position. You can see this in the first film as he volunteers to keep watch over Riley’s dream sequences.

Meet the New Emotions


Anxiety is a newly introduced sixth emotion, and she shows up with a lot of baggage. Trying new things and meeting fresh faces is an intense experience that naturally comes with a lot of worry. She may be nervous, but she has boundless energy and wants to make a good impression. Anxiety's main hangup is that she's a bit of a control freak, but she's only trying to do what she believes is best for Riley.


She may be small, but she’s bursting with ambition. Envy notices everything and she wants it all, no matter what it takes. Her sense of wonder and discovery drives Riley toward new opportunities, but she must be very careful what she wishes for — wanting too much of anything can be a bad idea.


Bashful doesn’t even begin to describe this big guy. He’s naturally pink! Blending in is hard, but that won’t stop him from trying. His main goal is to help Riley make it through social situations without flubbing it up, but he often has the opposite effect. Clumsy and quiet, he’s ready to throw himself face-down on the console any time something cringe-worthy happens.


It takes a lot to get Ennui up on her feet. You’re most likely to find her lounging about, staring at her phone, or sighing in exhaustion. Though she’s a woman of few words, she has no issues with expressing herself or taking control of the console (using a convenient app, of course). Acquiring Ennui is a right of passage for every teenager.

Get Tickets INSIDE OUT 2 is only in theatres June 14

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