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Unforgettable Barbie Scenes

September 17th, 2023Unforgettable Barbie Scenes

BARBIE opens in IMAX on September 22nd

Get ready to dance the night because BARBIE is returning to AMC Theatres in a big way.

The box office smash, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, came out on July 23rd during the legendary Barbenheimer weekend, where movie fans all over the world gathered at their local AMC theatres to not only see BARBIE but the newest Christopher Nolan film, OPPENHEIMER. While both movies did exceptionally well, BARBIE has dominated the box office and received rave reviews.

As of September, BARBIE is still playing in theatres, and it's going to make its IMAX debut on September 22nd, and will be available for a week.. Additional never-before-seen post-credit footage can only be watched with this new film version.

For those who haven't seen BARBIE yet, this list will talk about some of the scenes from the movie, with some spoilers and plot details!

The Ode To The Original Barbie

The beginning of BARBIE is a sequence that would be hard to forget, considering it pays homage to the original BARBIE and parodies a famous movie that changed the game.

The opening shots of BARBIE parody 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, the sci-fi film released in 1968 and directed by legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick. While the original movie featured hominins staring at an alien monolith that seemed to appear from nowhere, BARBIE features several young girls who throw away their baby dolls to play with BARBIE. The titular doll stands tall and proud, dressed in her original black and white bathing suit.

The scene sets the movie's tone, and with wide-angle shots featuring great cinematography, it’ll surely be great in IMAX.

The Introduction To Barbieland

The BARBIE soundtrack features some killer tunes. "Pink," sung by Lizzo in the opening scenes, accompanies the moment where movie fans get their first full view of Barbieland, the place where Barbie and her other fellow Barbies – as well as Kens – live.

If we're talking about BARBIE scenes that are going to be great in IMAX, this is one to anticipate. The production design alone for Barbieland is awe-inspiring and features replicas of many famous toy sets from Mattel, showing off how much effort was put into recreating them for lovers of the doll.

Not only that, but fans get to see Barbie begin her perfect day, from waking up in her Dream House to floating down to her car to waving 'hi' to every Barbie she sees. It's the best way to start this movie.

The Ken Dance Sequence

Skipping forward in BARBIE, this has to be one of the first scenes that come to mind when anyone thinks of seeing BARBIE in IMAX. The Kens Dance sequence was made to be seen on a giant movie screen, at the very least because of how amazing these Kens are during their dance sequence.

At this point in the film, the Kens are coming together in the ultimate Ken battle. But of course, this ends up becoming more of a musical moment than anything else, because these Kens need to talk about how they are enough in this world of Barbies.

We get to see Ryan Gosling entirely embody what it means to be Ken and take on the role of a lifetime while he sings "I'm Just Ken" with the other Kens. Featuring fun choreography, vivid colors, and interesting camera shots, this is one of the scenes that everyone was excited about when the trailer first dropped, and it lives up to the hype.

And let's not even get into how awesome all the other Kens are. From Simu Liu to Kingsley Ben-Adir to Ncuti Gatwa, they bring their all in this Ken musical moment that leaves us wanting to listen to "I'm Just Ken" for hours after.

Barbie And Ruth's Conversation

Without spoiling anything major about BARBIE, there are plenty of moments that are primed to make moviegoers cry or feel a million different emotions. Towards the end, Barbie has an essential conversation with a woman named Ruth. She plays a vital role in BARBIE, inspiring one of the film's heartfelt scenes and dialogues.

This scene needs to be seen first without any spoilers, as it’s very emotional. But what we can say is that it's beautifully shot and everything movie lovers could want in a scene such as this.

While it's not as colorful as many of the other scenes featured in the movie that will surely be a thrill to see on an IMAX screen, it's powerful. And Margot Robbie and Rhea Perlman deliver performances worthy of tears and applause towards the end.

BARBIE is one of those movies that comes once in a lifetime, expressing a message for fans of all ages to love and adore while providing some excellent cinematography worthy of an IMAX screen. And now, fans are going to be able to experience just that.

Be sure to head to your local AMC Theatres location to experience this momentous occasion.

BARBIE opens in IMAX on September 22nd

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