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What Makes Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris an AMC Artisan Film

July 7th, 2022What Makes Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris an AMC Artisan Film

Get Tickets MRS. HARRIS GOES TO PARIS opens July 15th

AMC Artisan Films encompass a broad range of themes, styles and genres that advance the art of making movies, and we have recognized MRS. HARRIS GOES TO PARIS as an AMC Artisan Film based on the incredibly joyful script, the delightful musical score and the charismatic performances from Lesley Manville, Lucas Bravo and Jason Isaacs.

There are several factors we consider before we give a movie the AMC Artisan Films seal. Here are just a few reasons why MRS. HARRIS GOES TO PARIS deserves the honor.

Brings a Unique Vision and Perspective

Ada Harris will sweep you off your feet with her positive and joyful personality, but there is more to the character than that of a simple cleaning lady. Director Anthony Fabian shared that he was excited to make a film that showcased a female lead character that challenged the duality of kindness and strength. His unique vision as a director is also illustrated in his brilliant vision of London and Paris, and creating a period piece that is also modern.

“I wanted to update it, make it feel both period and modern at the same time. And there are many apparent contradictions within the story and within the film. It’s both magical and realist, it’s period and modern. It’s London and Paris… it’s all about these dualities”.

Stretches Actors Outside Their Comfort Zones

Ada Harris is played by Academy Award nominee, Lesley Manville and she recently shared her enthusiasm to bring the character from page to the big screen. Manville describes the simple cleaning lady from London as “she is wholesome, kind, she wants to help people, and she is driven, a spirit of being driven about her. To right wrongs when she sees them.” During her travels from London to Paris, Ada demonstrates a humanist edge, with positivity and a sense of determination to influence the people around her and empower them to dream and trust their authentic self.

Features a Compelling Score

Fabian describes MRS. HARRIS GOES TO PARIS, “this film was really a musical, even though it didn’t have musical numbers or singing.” The rhythm of the musical score will lift your spirit with every bit of good fortune that Ada Harris experiences during her travels to discover herself and her dream to own a Christian Dior gown. The compelling and delightful musical score inspired the cinematography and set designs and will inspire you as you leave the theatre with its essence of positivity and joy.

“It's how it will make people feel. That will be the best thing. It is joyous, it's not saccharine, it’s not cutesy. It is wholesome which is part of its beauty.”

Pushes Boundaries and Sparks Conversation

Ada Harris pushes boundaries of expectations, demonstrating that there is no need for codes or rules, and in some cases - ignore them. The script touches on a few topics that are relevant for women of all ages on a path to discover their true, authentic self. No matter age or class, a strong woman can influence and create change with kindness and joy. Lucas Bravo describes the character of Ada Harris as a force, “It’s hard to ignore that kind-of force when you come across it, she is bringing out of love, she takes everything with her - because she trust the process.”

Unites Acclaimed Casts

Lesley Manville leads a dynamic cast comprised of experienced and new actors that will immerse you into each scene with their brilliance and charisma.

Archie (Jason Isaacs) and Vi Butterfield (Ellen Thomas) are Ada Harris’ close friends in London that support her dream and travels to Paris. While in Paris, Ada encounters and befriends André (Lucas Bravo), Natasha (Alba Baptista) and the charming Marquis de Chassagne (Lambert Wilson) all while trying to make the stubborn Claudine Colbert (Isabelle Huppert) realize that every woman must have the chance to experience the House of Dior.

“Go ahead, take a chance and dare to dream”.

As you can see, we focus on a film’s unique perspective, the incredible cast and the cinematic experience rather than a character or studio, which may be why many AMC Artisan Films go on to become award contenders, though that is not why we choose Artisan titles.

Get Tickets MRS. HARRIS GOES TO PARIS opens July 15th

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