Wish Upon: Fear The Garbage Grinder

July 14th, 2017Wish Upon: Fear The Garbage Grinder

2017 is flying right by us and the summer movie release schedule is moving just as quickly. It already feels like it's a good time to look toward other genres as a break from superhero and CGI overload. If you're searching for a diversion from the blockbuster scene, look no further than the upcoming horror release Wish Upon.

Wish upon follows teenager Clare Shannon (played by Joey King) who, along with her father, unearths a mysterious music box. After obtaining the box, Clare realizes every wish she makes is coming true, but also quickly sees that each wish comes at a bloody cost.

We saw the first trailer for this latest offering from Annabelle director John R. Leonetti back in March, and the creepiness intensified when a second trailer was released in May. The fear of everyday household objects has now been introduced with this new clip from Wish Upon that features a haunted music box, The Conjuring alumni King, and Sherilyn Fenn.

Seeing how the premise is based upon the idea of a price attached to having all your wishes come true, we can only assume that the apparent death of Fenn's character at the hands of a garbage disposal is due to whatever wish Clare made beforehand. We also get a hint that someone's demise is getting close — the music box opens and begins playing its song. (In that way, perhaps this is similar to the possessed music box in The Conjuring.)

If you're a fan of supernatural horror (or just Horror in general). Wish Upon could serve as a nice summer treat for you and your friends. And with clips like this, it's obvious the movie will come with its own brand of suspenseful twists and gory fun.

Wish Upon hits theaters on July 14, 2017.

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