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Wonder Woman Makes $800M Worldwide

September 1st, 2017Wonder Woman Makes $800M Worldwide

After a rather rocky start, the DC Expanded Universe (DCEU) reached the heights it always dreamed of with Wonder Woman, the solo-origin movie of the Amazonian warrior-princess, Diana of Themyscira (Gal Gadot). During its initial run, Wonder Woman defied all expectations, earning universal acclaim and millions of dollars. The movie has since broken multiple box office records, and now adds yet another impressive feat to its long list of achievements.

Wonder Woman Is Unbeatable

The latest DCEU entry just opened in Japan, where it was expected to propel the movie's total earnings to roughly $800 million by Friday of this week. However, it seems that analysts underestimated Japanese audiences' love for Wonder Woman, and the movie's earnings in Japan have catapulted its total global box office sales well beyond the estimated $800 million mark much sooner than expected.

To date, the domestic and international markets have each given Wonder Woman upwards of $400 million at the box office. If this positive trend continues, it's possible that Wonder Woman may reach one billion dollars at the box office before the year ends.

Princess Diana Dominates At The Box Office

Before opening in Japan, Wonder Woman had already broken multiple box office records. Patty Jenkins's superhero debut is the only female-directed movie to have earned $400 million domestically, and the film is currently this year's biggest domestic earner in the American territories that isn't affiliated to Walt Disney Studios or Universal Studios. Wonder Woman is also Warner Brothers' third most lucrative movie, sitting behind the last two entries of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy (The Dark Knight earned $530 million, while The Dark Knight Rises earned $440 million).

As Wonder Woman goes from strength to strength, the DCEU will surely look back at Patty Jenkins's mega-hit to energize future installments. While Jenkins and Geoff Johns work on a sequel to Wonder Woman, fans can look forward to another adventure featuring Diana in this year's Justice League.

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