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Your Guide To La Usurpadora: The Musical

April 7th, 2023Your Guide To La Usurpadora: The Musical


Big-screen musicals have been making quite a comeback in recent years with the likes of THE GREATEST SHOWMAN, WEST SIDE STORY and IN THE HEIGHTS all bringing entertaining stories with incredible song and dance numbers to fans around the world. During that same time, romantic comedies have continued to be as popular with audiences as ever before, thanks to films like CRAZY RICH ASIANS, BROS and THE LOST CITY all being great additions to the genre. Now, both of those types of movies will become one with the upcoming release of LA USURPADORA: THE MUSICAL.

If this is the first you’re hearing about Santiago Limón’s bright, colorful and enchanting story about identical twins who pull off quite an impressive life-swap, worry not, because we have everything you need to know about LA USURPADORA: THE MUSICAL before it opens in AMC Theatres nationwide.

Twin Sisters, Separated At Birth

When the flashy, multicultural spectacle that is LA USURPADORA: THE MUSICAL opens on the big screen, it follows two women who, unbeknownst to them, are twins separated at birth and sent to different parts of the North American continent to live out their lives. But, when a chance encounter in Las Vegas brings the two together, they decide to do what anyone in their position would do: switch places. With the more modest twin going to Mexico to take her sister’s place in a life of luxury, and the other living a simpler existence, the doors of possibility are thrown wide open.

Starring Isabella Castillo And Alan Estrada

The Latino cast at the center of LA USURPADORA: THE MUSICAL is stellar to say the least, especially when it comes to Isabella Castillo’s dual performance. In the movie, the star of shows like “Malverde: El Santo Patron” and “El Senor de los Cielos” plays both sisters mentioned earlier: the rich, conniving, and arguably awful Victoria, and her long-lost twin, Valeria, who is essentially the polar opposite of her sister. But, there’s so much more to the cast.

Playing Carlos Danile, Victoria’s partner and the man Valeria falls for, is Alan Estrada, who has appeared in Spanish-language films such as THIS IS TOMAS, ROAD TO FAME, and several others. The supporting cast includes actors like Susana Zabaleta, Jesús Ochoa, Cecilia Toussaint, Alejandra Ley, Shane West and more.

Based On The Classic ‘90s Telenovela

If the story at the heart of LA USURPADORA: THE MUSICAL sounds familiar, it’s because the upcoming musical comedy is based on the 1998 Televisa classic romance series “La Usurpadora.” When the project was announced in December 2021, Variety described the ‘90s series as one of the most successful telenovelas of all time, which was broadcast in as many as 125 countries during its 102-episode run in the final years of the 20th century.

With the movie being inspired by a classic ‘90s series, and music from that era finding a resurgence as of late, LA USURPADORA: THE MUSICAL will feature more than a dozen of the biggest Latin music hit songs.

An All-Star Team Behind The Scenes

In addition to featuring a stellar cast, LA USURPADORA: THE MUSICAL also boasts an all-star team behind the scenes as well. Santiago Limon, the director behind movies like TILL THE WEDDING DO US PART, CINDY LA REGIA, and multiple TV shows and shorts, helmed the musical.

Sebastian Krys, who has won a total of eight Grammys® and 12 Latin Grammys® put together the movie’s multiple musical numbers, while Priscilla Hernandez, who helped create the epic Day of the Dead parade in Spectre serves as the film’s choreographer. Matt Walden, who worked on the scores for WAITING TO EXHALE and ROMEO+JULIET also worked on the movie’s musical arrangements.

Both In Spanish And English

With LA USURPADORA: THE MUSICAL taking place in both Las Vegas and Mexico, it only makes sense for the movie to be presented in both English and Spanish. In an interview with Variety ahead of the film’s release, Pantelion Films and Pantaya CEO Paul Presburger praised Isabella Castillo for not only speaking in two languages but also with two completely different accents:

The interesting thing is making it cross-border. What a challenge for the lead actress, Isabela Castillo, who has to speak English with an American accent and also Spanish with a local Mexican accent and do both without missing a beat. A lot of Pantelion movies are cross-border and in English and Spanish. We try to be really organic that way. If somebody would be speaking in English, they do. And if somebody would be speaking Spanish, they do. It’s how Hispanics live their lives.

As seen and heard in the film’s trailer, LA USURPADORA: THE MUSICAL’s dual-language approach comes off seamlessly and very organic, as Presburger pointed out in his remarks.

By the sounds of it, LA USURPADORA: THE MUSICAL will be a fun, romantic, and charming experience for all audiences when it opens in AMC Theatres nationwide.


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