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Your Guide To The Nun 2

August 24th, 2023Your Guide To The Nun 2

THE NUN 2 opens September 8th

We’re not even officially to the “spooky” season quite yet, but 2023 has already been a great year for horror movies. The past few months alone have given audiences a lot to chew on with the likes of TALK TO ME, THE BLACKENING and HAUNTED MANSION, and there’s a lot more on the way. One of the most anticipated scary flicks coming our way is THE NUN 2, the highly anticipated sequel to Corin Hardy’s supernatural horror film that further expanded the ever-growing CONJURING cinematic universe.

Before the gothic thriller opens at AMC Theatres locations nationwide starting this September, there are a few things you should know about the movie, including its cast, story, the creative team bringing it all together and a look at its terrifying trailer. Here’s your guide to THE NUN 2.

Taissa Farmiga And Bonnie Aarons Return

Taissa Farmiga, the sister of CONJURING franchise star Vera Farmiga, and Bonnie Aarons are both back in the action as Sister Irene and Valak, a.k.a., the Nun, respectively, in THE NUN 2. Also returning for more action in the upcoming movie is Jonas Bloquet, who will reprise the role of Frenchie from the first film.

There will also be several new additions to THE NUN 2 cast, including Storm Reid, who has found success as of late with appearances in movies like THE SUICIDE SQUAD, THE INVISIBLE MAN, MISSING and “The Last of Us.” Other major additions consist of Anna Popplewell, who played Susan Pevensie in THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA trilogy, and newcomer Katelyn Rose Downey, who made her professional acting debut in THE PRINCESS.

A Murdered Priest And A Demon Nun

In 2018’s THE NUN, Sister Irene first came in contact with Valak during her training period as a novitiate after the young nun uncovered a dark secret at a Romanian monastery. The upcoming horror sequel will pick up four years after those events, and will follow Sister Irene as she once again comes in contact with the demonic entity while at a French boarding school.

At some point prior to the Nun’s full and terrifying return, a French priest is murdered. Could this shocking and mysterious death be connected to the resurgence of Valak and her sinister powers? We’ll have to wait and see as the story unfolds.

Michael Chaves Directs

Michael Chaves has become one of the CONJURING universe’s go-to directors in recent years, with THE NUN 2 being his third entry in the franchise over the course of the past four years. Chaves, who made a name for himself with short films like WORST DATE EVER, REGEN and THE MAIDEN, made his franchise and feature length directorial debut with 2019’s THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA, a film he followed up with two years later with THE CONJURING: THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT. With the release of the horror sequel, the filmmaker will become the franchise’s most prolific director, as even creator James Wan has only helmed two chapters in the nine-film saga.

THE NUN 2 was written by Ian Goldberg and Richard Naing, who previously wrote films like ELI and THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE, along with Akela Cooper, who was responsible for the 2023 smash-hit M3GAN and MALIGNANT prior to that.

Filmed In An Abandoned School

The production team behind THE NUN 2 could have very well dressed up some Hollywood soundstage to fill in for the French boarding school at the center of its story, but they decided to go all out and film in an actual educational facility that has been abandoned for some time.

During the Warner Bros. CinemaCon presentation in April 2023, Taissa Farmiga revealed to those in attendance that before the building was used as a school, it was formerly a convent, which only adds to the terrifying atmosphere. That being said, the actress described the old school as the perfect location for a horror film.

Speaking on the film at large, Farmiga said fans can expect to be mentally tortured with this layered and terrifying experience.

Watch The Trailer

In July 2023, Warner Bros. gave the world its first look at the terrifying and traumatizing story that will be told in THE NUN 2. This two-minute trailer doesn’t go into all the details about the next chapter in the CONJURING universe, but it is filled with jump-scares, mystery, and a quick look at the titular demonic force:

There’s an especially frightening moment in the final seconds of the preview depicting Sister Irene having a run-in with the Nun, who looks and feels stronger and more diabolical than ever. September can’t come soon enough.

If you want to experience THE NUN 2 and take in all the thrills and chills of the most recent addition to the CONJURING universe, make sure to purchase your tickets so you don’t miss out when it opens at AMC Theatres locations nationwide. For even more on upcoming horror movies, make sure to check out AMC’s Thrills & Chills page.

THE NUN 2 opens September 8th

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